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My First Cosplay: Lilah From Jonah Hex.

My first venture into “cosplay” was Summer 2010.

I went to Summer Carnevale at Castle McCulloch as Lilah from Jonah Hex. I still really love this costume and I’ve put it through hell. It’s even been in the pool for a shoot:) It still endures and it’s still around waiting for me to transform it yet again. I do have plans for it,like everything else laying around in that back room. But sometimes I think it may be better to start from scratch and just make it with a real corset and sturdier materials. We shall see.

Anyhow this is one of the better packaged costumes I bought back before I made everything. I ordered it and the Lilah licensed wig from Buy ( I got everything from them back in the day). It’s a great site because you can see reviews from customers on each product and even pictures of them in the costume.

The boots were from ebay,I wanted exactly what she had in the movie bc I was in love with them!  I also got these crazy blue costume lenses from online that made me look like an alien from some neon blue planet. Not exactly what I was going for but…oh well!

The top hat I made myself. She doesn’t actually wear one in the movie but the wig looked kinds weird on top and I wanted to cover that part up as much as I could.

Finished cosplay! The wig looks amazing in this photo!








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