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My First Open Group Shoot!

Around 6 years ago I decided to begin my hobby of modeling. As I explained in my first modeling blog,the first shoot I did was with a photographer who was also a friend. It was great so I wanted to be more involved. The model opposite me in the above photo had wanted me to come out to these group shoots held by The NCPG ( The North Carolina Photography Group) and so,finally,I decided to try it out. She told me that anything goes! “Models are encouraged to wear crazy costumes and there are even drag queens!!”,she told me. It was a last minute decision to go so….I put together what was essentially my “burn night outfit” (see Burning Man for reference) and went.

This shoot was held at a beauty school which made for an interesting back drop for modeling. At the time I didn’t really know any different. Up until that point modeling to me had been what I did for my mom with my Easter basket and her Spring flowers,some big haired Senior photos in high school and that first “shoot” I had done a month prior. I wasn’t quite prepared. Also….when I walked in every other girl was wearing fancy dresses and club wear. As you can see…I went as a cat 🙂 But it worked. Being different has never held me back or down for long. I just won’t let it. It’s not in my nature.

It was an experience to say the least. In those days of The NCPG the events were rather large and many photographers of all skill sets attended. It was a great place to meet those as well as models in all stages of their development. I met a ton of great people that day,a few that turned out to be snakes and some down right crazy ones. But that’s a different story….one MUCH longer haha.

The process was shoot with one photographer and another would come up and say “Hey I’m in THIS room come see me after” and after you were done with each they would hand you a card. 3 hours had never went by so fast for me. It blew my mind.

Getting lost in that world was an absolute release. There was so much garbage in my head and on my mind in those days,it felt great to be able to just be. Everything was downhill from there. Haha just kidding. It was great. I wanted to be as involved as possible.

After each shoot with the NCPG you would go home and find any new people on whatever social media they were using,then go on the site ( and you would start to see these photos of yourself start coming in. Too much fun! I wanted a million pictures back then!! Every angle,every single one! Gimmie moarrr! Since you work with so many different photographers you def got bulk images. I’d have 200 from a shoot sometimes. Insanity when I think of that now 🙂 I don’t want all that! Haha. Give me one that knocks my socks off or five that I love and we are square. Quality over quantity always. It’s something that gets forgotten. But it’s also more difficult to control that when you open group shoot.

Anyhow my first open group shoot experience was fast paced,fun,met some photographers that are still my go to guys and gals and I got some of these images below. A lot of us have grown over the years. I do like looking back on the earlier photos of us all just starting and then seeing where we are now 🙂 Always learning,always growing and always moving forward 🙂


Blue cat image above by Paul Cory Photography and both feature image and image on the right here by William Wyrick.



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