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Colour Pop Cosmetics!


So based off the reviews of pretty much every single Youtube makeup chick I watch I decided to order Colour Pop without swatching. It’s only sold off the site itself so I did a lot of research first. Their products are in no way expensive. I think the most expensive is $8 but money is money!

The defining moment for me was a video That Girl Shae did on the new gel liners in a lavender color “Cry Baby”. I knew I needed that and I was interested in highlighters anyway. So let’s take this plunge. Via my Ipsy I had a $5 off code to use which knocked off shipping. Already a win. So I chose the pastel lavender “Cry Baby” gel liner and the highlighter “Monster” which is described as aΒ light pink with highly opalescent duo chrome finish.

I got them today and I am super SUPER impressed!! First off…How nerdy awesome is that little card?? YES!!!

First off here is the highlighter in “Monster”. It’s brilliant in person. The texture of this product is unlike anything I’ve ever used. The colors in this are awesome. It’s like pink,blue and purple all together and I couldn’t get a good photo of that to save my life! It’s exactly what I wanted…perfection.

Here’s a photo of both the products I received today. On the left is the gel liner in the shade “Cry baby”.


The gel liner rocks my world. It’s so beautiful,I need it in all shades. I didn’t use primer because I wanted to test it out. I’ve been rubbing my eyelid and there has been 0 transfer. At this point I’ve had it on for four hours and there is no change. Amazing product!


Gel Liner in Cry Baby

Colour Pop comes out with new collections pretty often,it seems. There is always something fun and new on their site! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed!








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