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Open Shoot : 1st “Pin Up” attempt :)


My first attempt at Pin Up modeling was at another group shoot at with The NCPG at Fila Academy (The beauty school mentioned before). It’s possible this was my second group shoot,I honestly can’t remember. There were SO many during that time and through most of it I had no idea what I was doing. SO MUCH LEARNING!!

I decided to go at the last moment…threw on a dress I had bought at Target,put on some fake pearls and red lipstick and grabbed some flowers I still had laying around from when my mom had decorated my banister years before. I hoard. No shame. Nothing gets thrown away.

During this shoot I started to see the difference in quality and style. Yes it was only my second shoot but during these times I was meeting loads of new people and we were all learning and improving. At this shoot photographers were starting to show me the images IN CAMERA. That changed my world! Now I know what to correct,stop holding my head that certain way,etc. After the first group shoot I had gotten back over 100 images. I had saved them all and really looked at them. The good,the bad and the ugly…and the hilarious. I was finding what worked for me and what didn’t. It was a very useful tool.

I personally love seeing Pin Up but it’s not my favorite style to model,personally. I always feel like to do it properly I have to wear a dark wig so I can pull off that rocking red lip. But then I can’t do the rad victory rolls. Oh well,I dig the clothes always!! I did get some fabulous photos though. All photos featured in this blog are by Sheila Scott Carroll out of Charlotte,NC. It was my first time meeting this amazing lady Β and a few others.

Shooting in what was basically a salon was always strange to me. There were mannequin heads all around and salon chairs. A great photographer can make anything work though! And we had fun πŸ™‚

This has always been a favorite of mine πŸ™‚


Working those salon chairs!
And the color version πŸ™‚





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