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Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush.

I actually purchased this towards the start of Ulta’s 21 days Of Beauty where certain products are sold at a special price. Each day there is a new deal! I wasn’t planning to purchase this bc all blushes are the same,right? I had this amazing Hikari that Ipsy had sent me last year. It was bright pink so it will last a long time. BUT…Too Faced has the cutest packaging. It’s pink and magical and just girlie happiness. I had to go check it out when I saw it was the daily deal!

I swatched all three they currently had and I ended up with “Something About Berry” which is described as:

“The Perfect Berry Blush”

This trip of shimmery shades blends to create the perfect berry flush for any skin tone,any time of the year.

So here is the packaging and then what it looks like on the inside. There are three separate colors. Use one,one to highlight…or swirl and use them all! OPTIONS!


I finally had time to play with a complete makeup look yesterday and omg do I love this stuff! It is sparkly! It is beautiful! It really is the perfect flush! It also works very well as your highlighter too if you want a pretty pink sheen.

Here’s some swatched on my paleness 🙂 The last swatch is of all three swirled.


A little goes a long way so this will last a while. When it’s gone I will def be reusing the container as it is adorbs. The blush itself lasted all day on me. I did not use a primer first so some of the sparkle fell out. I’ll have to test it out again when I remember to prime ALL THE THINGS.” Still getting used to that 🙂





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