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Studio Model Shoot: Fine Arts

After I had attended several group shoots with The NCPG in Greensboro I was asked to come be a studio model for Chris Goette. At the time he had a studio inside what seemed to be a closed down mall. Sounds creepy right? Haha it really wasn’t though! Anyway I had been shooting with this group a while and knew the others attending so it was all good 🙂

I was excited and super nervous for three reasons before this shoot.

First of all: I had never modeled for people who were paying to take photos of me and learn. Questions I had for myself: 1.) Am I model enough? 2.) Am I pretty enough? 3.) It’s like a fine arts sexy thing….am I SEXY????

Secondly : My friend who had gotten me involved with this specific group decided to call me and tell me the other models were drama. Come to find out ….MY FRIEND was all the drama. Poor girl. But I didn’t know this as I was speaking to her that day. It just made me super nervous bc now I’m going into this scared of the other girls hating me. Breathe girl,breathe.

Third: I had just had surgery previous to this. My stomach still had to be bandaged. SEXY??? UGH. Le sigh….

So I went,nerves and bandage and all….AND….it was the best time! Come to find out the girls (Morgan and Tiffany) were AMAZING but my friend was a psycho. Meh.

Torey Searcy Photography and the start of The NCPG Angels


Oh yas I AM sexy and there are creative ways to cover bandages! Example:

Chris Goette Photography

It’s really a cool thing to be a studio model. You are in front of and behind the scenes at the same time. Watching others learn while you learn as well is a lot of fun. Being a part of creative process is something that always makes me feel alive.BUT this was also the first time I noticed that this group had some issues.

I had been attending open group shoots with this group for months at this point,maybe 6? It’s hard to recall. Of course with that many people there is drama BUT the leader in place shouldn’t be the root of 70% of that. The remaining 30% of that 100 goes to my psycho friend mentioned before 🙂 BUT anyway. This was the start of me realizing some not so awesome stuff was going down.

Meanwhile though,I’m still having a great time being a studio model!!! It can be quite freeing when around photographers you trust.

Torey Searcy Photography

I learned a lot this day. Going forward some things were about to change for me. Facebook was about to become a circus haha. My friendships were evolving as well as what I felt like dealing with in my life. My “modeling” was changing,I was learning more poses. Some would say “taking more risks.” I don’t consider getting naked with photographers to be “pushing my boundaries” or “taking risks”. I’m a naked person. That’s a comfort level I’ve always had. You can be just as edgy fully clothed. I am very picky about WHO I allow to shoot me without the clothes. No one pushes me further than I like. I will tell you fast when I’m doing something I’m not comfortable with. Communication is key,ladies NEVER forget that!

*Photo collages and feature photo  by Paul Cory Photography

This shoot was fun and I met more new people. The ladies I shot with were just magical unicorns. I left excited that I would get to shoot with them again soon!

When I saw my images I realized that I could be sexy and nothing is better for the self confidence than that!!

Torey Searcy Photography





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