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April Glossy Box

I got my second Glossy Box over the weekend while I was away in S.C. I had my boyfriend open it and send photos. Haha,def wasn’t the same experience as opening it myself! Also…if anyone knows of a great subscription box service for cool dudes that don’t shave please fill me in! He’s all jelly now after opening up my awesomeness 🙂 Hehe onward!

Super happy with this month’s products even if I haven’t heard of 4 of the 5!

The first item I see is a brand that I AM familiar with,Alterna Haircare! It’s their Caviar CC Cream Extra Hold. and I’ve received a similar product (CC Cream hair Corrector) by them through Ipsy months ago. That product was amazing so I’m expecting similar results with this. I love Alterna Products,everything I’ve tried by the brand rocks. AND what I really love is that it’s for thick hair! DING DING DING!! A subscription box that REALLY knows me!!! I could cry. Thank you,Glossy Box!!!

This is a deluxe sample size of 0.85fl oz. Retail on full 2.5 fl oz is $25.00

Alterna Haircare Caviar CC Cream Extra Hold. 10 in 1 Complete Correction…which is what my misbehaving hair needs 🙂

Next I see a big ol bottle of…yay face mask! Unami Dermo Defense Face Mask. I’m sort of obsessed..well completely obsessed with masks these days. This one is hydrating so that’s good. I never buy these types of masks…which is actually dumb. I guess I have been more focused on the clarifying end of skin care. And this is why I love getting these boxes. You tell them your skin needs and they send you products to help. My needs get lost on me when shopping,my wants take over and next thing you know I have more eyeshadow and my poor skin is sad. Haha. *update* I just used it. It goes on different than any mask I’ve used before. It almost feels like a gel lotion but with 0 stickiness. It didn’t sting,burn my eyes or “harden”. After washing it off my face feels like heaven. I keep touching it! SO GLAD THIS IS A FULL SIZED PRODUCT!!

This is a full size product. Retail $18.00

Unami Dermo Defense Face Mask.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Nail Polish In Pillow Talk. This is funny bc the name of this inspired me to listen to that ZAYN song “Pillow Talk” again. The video is like an acid trip…I won’t be watching that again! The song though,I think it’s growing on me. This color though…at first I was like,”It’s pretty but not for me” NOW though,I really like it! Super glossy and one of those nail colors that makes you feel sassy when you wear it 🙂 It also dried faster than I expected. Always a plus!

Full sized product. Retail price $19

It’s all the prettttty!!!


NEXTTT Is something that blew my socks off. Studio | 10 Brow Lift Perfection Liner. Now yes,I do love me some brow pencils BUT the reason I’m enamored with this one in particular is this: For every pencil sold they donate 100% of the profit to Look Good Feel Better,a charity which supports women with cancer. *CRIES* That is magical to me. Not 5%…not 10% percent which is the norm….100 damn %! INCREDIBLE. AND it’s a great product!! One side is for fill in and the other a brow bone highlight. Perfection!!

Full sized product. Retail price $20

Studio|10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner. Yes I ended up painting my whole hand with the polish. ANDDD I am in love 🙂

And last but def not least,Biossance The Nourisher,Precious Rose Face Oil. I’ve been seeing rose used in a lot of high end products lately so this is fun! The bottle is super cute too. I love how everything this month smells so nice! I applied some to my hand and it’s really nice. Not greasy or oily at all which I always worry about with these types of products. Can’t wait to use it!

This is a deluxe sample size at 0.34 fl oz. Full size at 1.0 fl oz retails at $72

Biossance The Nourisher,Precious Rose face Oil.

Ta dahhhh. So that’s a wrap. Again,I realllly love this subscription box. I’ll def be keeping it and I look forward to next month. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting this month vs last month. I didn’t know until it was opened. That was fun though. I always cheat on Ipsy haha.

If you wanna sign up please use my link! It gets me points!



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