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Shooting At The Steel Mill

I would have to say that currently my favorite place to shoot is in a semi abandoned steel mill in Greensboro,N.C. No I am not going to tell anyone this location,I’ve been asked many times. Let me say that we do have permission to shoot in this location,we aren’t just sneaking in πŸ™‚

In this blog I wanted to show some of the awesome images we have captured using this location. I LOVE anything industrial…broken down…abandoned…overgrown. It just screams to me.

I’ve known Bill probably 5 years now. He’s part of the photographers from the NCPG days that I still shoot with. WE goof off a lot but we also make some shit happen πŸ™‚ I’ve watched his photography really improve over the past few years. My eyes always sparkle in his photos. Maybe that sounds like cheese BUT sometimes that’s exactly what I want.


I’m costume-y by nature but I’m also a naked person haha. I guess you could say that for me,it’s costumes or nothing! I don’t shoot topless or naked very often at all. As I’ve discussed before,I will only shoot this way with certain photographers. Also Facebook was the only media I used to showcase my modeling photos and it hates tha nipples.


I was very tired of being reported for body paint or even implied. There was really no point in shooting nudes. Me and Bill even discussed this “What would you do with them? Just sit around and stare at yourself?” haha.

Well…true haha. BUT I have a blog now. Screw you fb!

Really the only reason I wanted to shoot the last set was bc I bought this awesome lace bra from V.S. and I wanted photo of me in it before I destroyed it. Yes,I know that sounds stupid but little lace thingies cost and I am rough as hell on them. #model ;P

There are still so many wonderful places in the mill that I haven’t had a chance to interact with as of yet! Every corner you turn…there is something cool,rustic…unique.


You really can shoot just anything in this space from nudes to lingerie …costumes and beautiful headshots.

Until next time…

Urbexingly yours,



*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

15 thoughts on “Shooting At The Steel Mill

  1. All such beautiful pictures and that location is truly awesome Tona! I definitely see what you mean there’s a lot more substance here than just sharing pictures on Facebook. I love how it comes with a story and it gives the photos even more depth. This is Caroline by the way, a Blog I started a few months ago because I thought that I would posted in it and I haven’t started yet. Still have no clue how to use this thing. How do you make your blog rated R, do you have to pay for it?


    1. Yea I’m still learning myself! haha. It’s def a work in progress! My blog doesn’t have any fees. It asked when I set it up what rating it needed so I went with R since I knew I wanted to post bodypaint,etc. I’m sure there’s a way to change yours if you didn’t already set it up as such. I’ll look around mine and see if I can find anything that will help!


      1. Okay cool, I set it up on a computer and so far I have just looked at it from my cell phone so that’s probably why I’m not really seeing it. I may have set it up like that to begin with anyway, who knows?


      2. It’s hard to tell. I googled it and it keeps talking abt the ratings and Gravatar which is what i used to make my avatar. Well I tried to use it…it still doesn’t show for me. It’s possible the rating comes through that. Honestly though..I don’t think it matters. you can probably just post whatever you feel like.


  2. As an amateur photographer those shots blow me away. i wish i could do shots like these. Beautiful work and wonderous subject πŸ™‚ I guess the best i will get is my sky shots πŸ™‚


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