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NCPG Body Paint Workshop

After I was a studio model for a while,the organizer decided he wanted to get a few models together and do a body paint shoot at Castle McCulloch. He asked for volunteers on The NCPG group page. Since I had been painted several times already by the painters on board (Living Brush ) ,I jumped on that! Several other girls did as well. What the organizer didn’t realize was the amount of time put into these paintings. In the end it made more sense to do one painting on one model. I believe it ended up being me because I had worked with Living Brush on multiple occasions before. I knew the drill,so to speak. It caused a lot of drama. At this time The NCPG was still fun but the drama aspect was really starting to come out.

It’s hard to remember but I think this was a 3 or 4 hour painting. We were pretty rushed time wise to get it done and then get to the castle for the actual class. I had no idea what I looked like when I got to the castle. Haha. People kept talking about a fish on me….I was just lost. I knew I looked great though 🙂

Photo By David Asher

I rode with Bonnie Stanley over to the castle. She was teaching the other photographers how to shoot body paint and her lighting techniques. It’s always awkward to travel IN paint. I was basically just trying not to sweat or move too much. Luckily it wasn’t a long drive. The images below are Bonnie’s. She’s always amazing to work with. She makes me look fierce!

As this was an open shoot,that photographers paid to be a part of,I met lots of new people and got to network more with those I had met briefly before. It seemed like,back then,I was meeting people for the first time more than once. Haha. I looked so different at each of my shoots,photographers were never quite sure who I was. Everyone thought my hair color was black because I wore a black wig to shoot in on the regular.

Ohhh lookie,there’s that fish captured by Peggy Brutcher!! I never even saw it until the photos were uploaded later that night! Haha. That’s the fun of paint that is so detailed. There is always a lot going on. The photos are necessary to capture all of that art in the moment. I am ever so grateful for those,esp once I’m in the shower and the paint is going down the drain. This temporary art is so cathartic.

And this is why my photos being reported and deleted off facebook is so angering to me. How dare you look at this and only see something nasty ans pornographic. Where is YOUR mind? It speaks volumes about a person to me. Move along mister….!

I also had a few friends show up to get some shots done as well. They had to have been wearing heels in that photo. I am def not THAT fun sized! Haha. WELL…maybe…

I got back many many photos from this event…all types of views and styles. They are all pretty rad to me! I especially thought these black and white versions were cool! I had never seen anyone capture the art in this way.

I remember this being a really fun event. Those who attended captured some great images. But the fall out from the drama wouldn’t let up after this. I had a few models mad at me over something that wasn’t even my fault. When I started modeling I was making friends,now I found I was losing them. At least that’s how it appeared to me. I had no idea what was in store. But in this moment I was starting to shoot more frequently and I had a larger pool of photographers to pull from. I was realizing maybe The NCPG wasn’t the exact place I wanted to be. I was still having fun though so….at this moment in time ….I am just a girl modeling with a bad ass fish on my back 🙂

Until next time…

In paint,




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