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Mary Poppins


The funny thing is….I’ve never even seen Mary Poppins. I keep meaning to change that but I never find the time. People also give me grief because although I love the aesthetic that is ALL of Harry Potter…I’ve only seen two of those as well. LOTR is my jam though. I pretend The Hobbit movies don’t exist. I do remember there is Lee Pace on an Elk though. #Magestic

Not a picture with an Elk but heyyyyyaaaaa. Why is he SO pretty???

WTF was I talking about? Oh yea…myself! Haha. This is the way my brain works. Making small short posts on facebook hurts my soul. Blogs are GOOD 🙂

I LOVE Julie Andrews. When I think about her the first thing that comes to mind (after The Sound Of Music bc we were forced to watch it a traumatic amount in chorus during 4 years in high school) is Mary Poppins! AS I mentioned before Lee Pace jolted into my brain…I’ve never seen the movie. Getting into character wasn’t difficult though. Mary is fun,she’s different..she’s probably a Time Lord.

This was the initial inspiration. I wanted to fly 🙂

I like my characters with a side of Victorian or Steampunk inspiration. I like to change regular characters up a bit. I’ve made a fairly good living off of doing it for others as well with my commissions. Victorian Mary was fairly easy. As per usual,we are also trying to keep this cosplay under $20!

What I made: The Hat

A photographer friend had given me this squashed pirate hat. I saw something else. I can make anything into a top hat of sorts 🙂 Inspiration struck. Forming it was super easy. It was just done my hand. It’s a heavier felt so it retains shape. It’s still formed,years later. I cut the blue band off,popped the top up and down to form what you see on the right. Then I added the flowers and beads. The beads were the most pricey part of the costume,for me. It’s the only part I bought. I had everything else already. They cost like $5. The flowers were broken bits that Michael’s let me have for free 🙂

PicMonkey Collageaa

The rest of this cosplay consisted of:

  • A red piece of ribbon I swiped from a pirate hat I never used.
  • A white ruffled neck shirt found at Goodwill previously $3.75
  • A black skater skirt found at Goodwill previously $3.75
  • Petticoat found at Carolina Thrift in the kids Halloween section $1.00
  • Thigh highs I purchase yearly when Spirit is closing errrr dowwnnn for the season $3.00
  • Victorian Boots purchased years before
  • Black wig that I always have on hand,ebay $6.00
  • Black ruffled lace jacket that I thrifted for $3.00 years back and have worn the hell out of.
  • Lace glovelettes that I made years before.

So for me this cosplay total cost was $5.00


Ta DAHHH. I do under $20.00 cosplays to show that anyone can thrift together something magical. All these pieces can be thrifted or cheaply acquired. If I had ) of these items and had to start from scratch the total price would be : $53.48 That takes into account every piece you see here right down to the flowers,ribbon and gloves.

If I was thrifting it together under $20 then I’d go with a different boot option. I’d find boots ,no more than $5,and make spats to cover them to pull together the look. A wig won’t even be necessary for everyone. Lauren Conrad was Mary Poppins for Halloween and just used her own sandy blonde hair. It was adorable! And the gloves aren’t necessity. That cuts like $25.00 already from the budget.


I really need to bring this out,revamp it and get more photos 🙂 I’ve been meaning to do a full Victorian version. There are only 100000 things on my Cosplay To Do List though 🙂

All photos provided courtesy of Keymoon Photography




*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

2 thoughts on “Mary Poppins

  1. Love it! You must see Mary Poppins! I love Julie Andrews and her character, but Dick Van Dyke! Ahhh! It’s one of the best musicals ever, it’s got everything from female rights to the real value of wealth ( and the difference between wealth and money), it’s got imagination and personality and so much great dancing it’s crazy!

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