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The first group private meetup I organized at Castle McCulloch was themed Clue. I’ve personally never played the board game (Cluedo) BUT I have seen the movie and get the general gist of it 🙂 The movie is a favorite. Anything Tim Curry really….Legend,Rocky Horror..the man is magic. Also I’m insane about Murder Mystery events. I’ve won every one I’ve ever attended 🙂 36 so far and counting!

The characters/models were a combination of me choosing them and some chose their own characters others I chose for them. I had a lot of people I wanted to come but knew some would flake. The regular cast everyone knows consists of :

  • Miss Scarlett
  • Professor Plum
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Reverend/Mr Green
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Mrs. White
  • Butler/Maid

Butttt I had too many people I wanted involved. Soooo I made myself a lot more familiar with Clue or Cluedo. Come to find out there are SO many variations and characters that no one has heard of. You could have 40 models if wanted haha. We ended up with a unique twist on the theme with these new addictions. I added :

  • Inspector Grey for a friend wanting to get into modeling. He seemed perfect for the noir style of shooting.
  • Madame Rose for my best friend who just fit that role perfectly…plus who doesn’t love a fortune teller?? Almost every Murder Mystery event I’ve been to has had that fortune teller! She’s classic 🙂
  • Lady lavender was the last edition. I wanted something perfect for a model I had not yet met but had always wanted to work with. Lady Lavender  is an herbalist who possibly poisoned her husband. I liked the idea of a lady herbalist 🙂 BOOM.

Of course there were other characters but not everyone showed so the cast ended up something like dis…..

Madame Rose (Danielle C)  and Mrs. White (Danielle S)

Inspector Grey ( Lucas) Colonel Mustard (Jason)

Miss. Scarlet (Courtney) Lady Lavender (Christine)

Mr. Boddy (Pi) and the devious duo of  Wadsworth/ Evette (Joe and I)

It was my first time hosting an “organized” group shoot. Like I mentioned before some models flaked but the ones that came rocked it out! They provided their own hair,makeup and costuming. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast of characters. I also asked them and photographers to bring weapons 🙂

What a devious looking group!! Photo by Paul Cory Photography.

When I post these photos I continually get people who try to call me out on made up characters. All characters I used are as real as the ones you are familiar with.

Inspector Grey and Colonel Mustard on the docks. Photo by Paul Cory.

I chose various photographers based on the skills I had been shown by them. I wanted a wide variety. I wanted that cosplay edge,the beautiful portrait,the creative weirdness,gorgeous head shots and some sexy. They each brought their unique talents to the game and won 🙂

Photo by Andrew Gentry

There was murder!!!  Photos below by Paul Cory Photography.

The BEST creepy shadows ever.

Colonel Mustard: Just checking.

Mrs. Peacock: Everything all right?

Colonel Mustard: Yep. Two corpses. Everything’s fine.

Actually this is what happens when models get tired during a shoot 🙂

There was general sexy 🙂

One vision of Torey’s that I’ve never been able to propery post is this series of me being mudered haha. We all had so much fun doing this!! It also utilizes a part of the castle that you rarely see.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So many areas of the castle were used in this shoot. I don’t think,in later shoots,that we got that involved. I regret that! It’s so beautiful. It’s more than just windows and walls.

Still my all time favorite shot of Danielle 🙂 By Torey Searcy Photography.

I love hanging out in the little nooks and crannies in the castle. It’s great to get so many of these areas captured on film.

A Merry Murderers meeting 🙂 Photo by Dragon’s Lair Photography

How often to do ever see the castle’s kitchen in photos? Haha.

It was Colonel Mustard in the litchen with the candlestick!! Photo by Dragon’s Lair Photography

Alot of dangerous women 🙂 Photos by Paul Cory Photography

“The game’s up, Scarlet. There are no more bullets left in that gun.”

“Mrs. White, you’ve been paying our friend, the blackmailer, ever since your husband died under, shall we say, mysterious circumstances?”

Photo by Andrew Gentry

I had a blast. This is one of my very favorite shoots. Everyone worked so well together and the images really captured exactly what I wanted!

Hehe the most fun!!! Torey Searcy Photography

The reason I started planning my own private group shoots:

I had been working as a studio model for a while,at this point. Studio modeling is fine but after a while it can get dull….boring…uneventful. I always tried to bring in fun costumes to give the photographers something new to shoot.The leader of the group didn’t approve much of themes or concepts. He thought only wedding sells so that’s all he really concentrated on. Also a new issue had emerged in our world …GWC or Guys With Cameras. Anyone can pay and show up at an open group shoot. They are basically guaranteed models when they do so.

Photo by Andrew Gentry

My friend who plays Mr.Boddy is also my amazing contact at the castle. So we were able to plan a shoot there…the perfect place!! Murder Mystery at the castle!!! I still think they should do that! DO IT. Anyway,my shoot created drama with the leader of The NCPG. He thought I stole his models and venue. I remember getting the call from him that day that lasted for hours. He was so mad. I would have invited him also but he had made such a stink time and time again about how themes and concepts were not something he wanted to be associated with. So…shit happens. Shoot happens ;P

Evil intentions. Paul Cory Photography

After this my fall out with The NCPG was not far behind. BUT that is a different story. In this moment I am just hacking up friends at an awesome castle….

It was DEF the maid by the fountain with the ax! Photo by Torey Searcy Photography




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