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Han Solo/Leia Mesh Up THANNG!

No shocker a Star Wars something or somethings was going to eventually happen. I get comments on my hair daily. “Princess Leia!!!” andddd it doesn’t look that much like Leia if I’m being honest. I’ll take that compliment though! Been doing this since 90’s Gwen Stefani, peeps!

2012-06-23 19.14.30a
Ain’t no hollar back girrrrrrrl.

Anywho! Boone Goodwill is a magical magical place. I cannot say this enough and you have no idea. YOU WILL THOUGH. So much of my everyday cosplay has been found at this wonderful place! This day was no exception.

I had already had an idea of doing a Han/Leia type mesh thang. I wanted his general well known clothes and her sort of hair.Since I go to conventions with my cosplay group ,The Fandames ,I also volunteer during the events. What I wear needs to be functional. I liked the idea of using the Chewbacca backpack that I was coveting from The Gamefather in Boone. I had seen another Han cosplayer use it and she was adorbs! This way I didn’t need a purse with me as well 🙂

Off to Goodwill. AND….I found every single thing I would need including the weapon. CRAZYY!!!

So the first item I find is this and it sets my mind on fire! School girl Han/Leia thingy!!! YESSS! So this is an authentic school uniform. It’s def not made with room in the chest area haha. It flattens me like cray but it doesn’t matter. It’s a top covering cosplay anyways. The second thing comes easy bc I just need an off white shirt. I find this in an off white 100% silk Brooks Brothers blouse (like dayummm). I bought a pair of size XXXL red shorts to make the red stripes on the uniform. For all three of these materials I paid $8.50


The pin was bought at the convention,Cosplay America. I felt I needed it. It was $1.00


The rest was easy. I picked up a random belt to go across the waist of the uniform $.50 and a pair of knee high socks $.50 I should have bought a few pairs of the socks bc they are fantastic and they had them in three colors and in BULK!

BUT at this point…even though I have found all this great stuff…I told myself I could not possibly do this cosplay unless I found a weapon too…today…in THIS store. Bc that’s how I roll. I’m insane in the brain. AND BOOM!!! They had it. The perfect starting piece to make into the Blaster model I want 🙂  $.25


So grand total of everything so far with added pin that I purchased later at the con is $10.75

My one splurge for this was the backpack. I had wanted this for over a year and now I wanted it for this cosplay so I talked myself into paying $29.99 for it. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!! I could not have been happier with this at the con. So nice to always have my hands free.


The other parts of this outfit I already had. These were mary jane shoes and clip in bangs. Haha. My total for this costume ,including splurge,is : $40.74

All of this costume is reusable or rewearable in everyday life. The blouse is SO SO NICE!!

Everyone asks about my bangs. “did you cut your hair??” all day long and NO. I will never have bangs again. I have crazy curly hair that never lays right. Fake bangs are magical and always look like perfect hair. if I feel the need to have bangs… I pop them in and get over it 🙂 Mine are Jessica Simpson brand (from ebay) for $4.99 that included shipping. Idk how people sell stuff so cheap online. It’s wild! The company did a fantastic job on these. They have what looks like real highlights so they can match any hair color within the range of that color. I have this set in Chestnut.


^ That looks funny 🙂 hehehe. Anyhow the convention was small but fun. I volunteered both days and that was such a great time. I got to meet a lot of new people and some people I had been friends with online for a while. We felt like friends already 🙂

Jayce aka Photos NXS was in attendance and he is amazing at cosplay photography. I knew I had to grab him at some point for photos. I was on a schedule with volunteering so him and I literally had maybe ten mins tops to squeeze in a “shoot”. I think I spent 5 of that trying to find my way outdoors to him (haha). But I’m sure glad I did!

Cosplay America did not allow any sort of “guns” so i wasn’t able to take my Blaster. Bummers.

No it’s not the most extreme cosplay on Earth…it doesn’t have to be! It’s iconic and people connect to it.I personally connect to it. I had so many people who loved my take on this character mix. I had basically thought of this as a Han and Leia’s daughter sort of thing. But now that I’ve met Kylo Ren I don’t want to be his sister! He is loveeeee 🙂


So BOOM cosplay on a budget. You can do this. There is no right or wrong way to be inspired by what you love. And Thrift stores are your frand!



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