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Drake Avenue Film Photography

I wanted to start by saying that if you’ve never been shot in film,and you’re serious about modeling,then you probably should get yoself in film! It honestly keeps my adhd at bay. There isn’t 2 hours of snap snap snap style shooting,which I find difficult to tolerate these days. It’s more about the feel and the composition but in ONE shot. It’s magic. This is not to say that I don’t love digital as well (with selective photographers anyway). I feel each has its place. I like a little of both!

All photos in this blog are film and are taken by Drake Avenue Photography.


I met Sean aka Drake Avenue at a photo shoot I had with a friend who also shot film. I had went there to see and shoot with her general awesomeness BUTTT I think I ended up spending more time with Sean. Love ya,lady!


I did end up wearing more of her clothes than mine though. That usually doesn’t happen to me. Haha. The outfit below is the only one that I brought. I actually made that lingerie bc caged bras are just way too expensive to buy. #proudofit


It was seriously hot outside. Welcome to Charlotte NC in the Summer 🙂 These photos are just SO REAL. I had it easy for the most part. I just had to sit there with my eyes closed. #modellife


Or gaze out the window…


Sometimes I can’t even understand how this is film. The colors are so great! I suppose i imagine film photos to be discolored and ancient looking,haha. Every photo,for me, has it’s own unique feel. They have such character.


There were also some cool ways to add some interesting details to the shots. Everyone always asks me how this was done after the shot. It was done IN shot. #magicalphotographer



Such a great day! I need more film in my life. I believe it’s helped with my posing in general and my being more aware of where my body is in a shot.


This is why I say everyone should be shot in film (with a good photographer). It’s a BIG learning experience. The results are also a cool happy surprise. Most times I have no clue what I’m going to look like. Haha. Buttttt I think I’m looking good! 🙂





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