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SlackPunk Photography

I had been shooting with The NCPG for a while when a few of my friends, who were also modeling, started shooting with Marcus Allen AKA SlackPunk Photography.  I had met him at an event I attended in promotion for Castle McCulloch. It was a zombie themed bar crawl and this was the photo he captured of a friend and I.


From the photos I was seeing from the collabs between my friends and Marcus,the looks was very dystopian…urbex awesomeness…gritty and raw. Up until this point I had never modeled in this style. I probably didn’t even know that it existed 🙂 I’m a newbie heyyyyyaaaa! Anyhow I most likely hit him up in my regular fashion and say “Hey I’m me wanna shoot my face?” Maybe not…I can’t recall. But we did shoot,twice in fact,and this was this first round 🙂

Marcus is super cool and knows the most amazing spots. In this shoot we traveled to Lexington to hit up an old abandoned rest home. Creepy much? Oh indeed and so much fun! I wasn’t too sure what to wear. I had been working on the final design of a corset for my line so…last minute I threw it on and added ruffled tanga shorts and boots. I had been gifted a handmade Triskele necklace at Transformus (A Regional Burning Man sanctioned event in NC) and I felt I would break it. I wanted to get it in as many photos as I could. I was sneaking it into everything back then 🙂 Is what it is…haha.

The location made for SO many various styles. There’s graffiti,over growth,crazy decay…walls are falling down..should I be stepping on THIS floor? Just kidding,we are 100% safe,always 🙂

Bitch face in full effect

Super fun shoot in a rad location. I recognized some of the walls from shoots that other models had done with the head of The NCPG. The area was so diverse though that many models and photographers could use it and not get the same shots. I’m pretty sure that Marcus could make any setting look unique though!!

Soon after this shoot the leader of The NCPG decided to release “his location information” about this place and made an event for the whole group to shoot at the location. The problem with that being…this was sort of an off limits type place. No trespassing. We all knew this and it was even stated in the group. Someone from the group decided to call the police though and ask if it would be ok…which NO IT’S NOT. So…that shoot got shut down and then the area was monitored. I don’t recall seeing any photos after that coming out of here.


After the shoot Marcus decided I needed to have real Lexington BBQ so we stopped at a spot there and ate while we looked at photos from the shoot. I have a difficult time eating before I shoot so I was starving by this point! Haha!

PicMonkey Collagemarc

The shots above are some of my favorite. Everyone always asks how we did them. Magic,of course! Haha. At the time I knew little about what the photographer was doing to get a shot. I know more now!  I CAN tell you what I personally did. I stood in a corner that had a light set in the bottom of it and acted badass 🙂 And by badass I mean shook my hair around and flipped it,etc. Now that probably sounds ridiculous but if you’ve ever tried to catch a good hair flip on camera….you know that pain. It can look good or it can be really really bad. I have some epic ones in my port due to some amazing photographers and my excess of head hairs 🙂


Seeing these photos come to life online was amazing. It was everything I didn’t even know that I wanted.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I had even expected. A lot of the time I was just shooting for fun and if it turned out good I was thrilled! I didn’t even actually know where we were going until we got there! Btw I don’t recommend doing that unless you know the photographer or ,in my case,you personally know others (not like one random person) that have shot with the photographer. Always verify that you are not going out with a creeper!

So yea,great day…fab location…if you’re on FB look up SlackPunk Photography. You won’t be disappointed.







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