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My Man Hurt Himself Because Of YOU!

I’m quite familiar with CREEPERS these days. I’ve gotten a lot of just weird things over the years…blah blah SSDD. Every once and a while they will surprise me with a new one though. The newest trend seems to be “My husband/boyfriend hurt himself because of you,bitch!” Oh and it’s rocking my world. Is it true? Are they insane? Wtf? One question I don’t ask is…. Is this MY fault? Nope…it’s on you buddy. Anyway…ta dahhhh…

“Bitch when I have to pick my husabnd of five years off the floor then it’s time for a change. You need to take your damaging shit off the internet. No one needs to see that”

This Blog Disproves This Meme

“I don’t understand what brings someone to post photos like you do on facebook. It’s indecent. Your body is for the lord not my husband. He doesn’t need to see that. WE aren’t friends on here but I will tell you that I don’t need to go up on anyones page and see that. He doesn’t. he won’t get into heaven looking at your page. AND OUR CHILDREN NEED THEIR FATHER AND HIS INTACT SOUL.”


“My boyfriend cuts himself because of you. he says he won’t stop till you go out with him. i promsed him a 3 way for his birthday a few years ago. Maybe you can help us out. Hello. hi hi why dont you help me?????”


“we just got back from the hospital. My hubsand was admitted and I AM SO PISSED. he does nothign but look at your page. you are such a bad influence and i’m ging to have you take down! i’m reporting all your porngraphic photos.”

“My husband cant control his actions. Women did to be better about keeping their clothes on so that men don’t leave their wives for loss women. I am embarrased to be a women. Men cant help it!! Stop bullying them into looking at you. It pains him to look away.”


“My boyfriend says he’s scared of his feelings about you. It’s causing him a lot of pain. Don’t call the cops. Please”

“he’s mine,not yours. He doesn’t need to see you. He doesnt care about costumes. He tells me he has a headache”


“He put his fist through a wall bc of you,bicth. He was so mad about it.”

***Mad about what? Don’t just drop in with no context,subtext….theme…damn..anything. Help a bicth out!”

Social media is fun???

I sort of feel like maybe these women should move on…







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5 thoughts on “My Man Hurt Himself Because Of YOU!

  1. What the actual fuck!?!?!?! WOW! These people are crazy and obviously should not be in relationships with each other!!! It hurts him to look away? OMG! It is bullshit that you have to deal with these people Tona!


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