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May 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag

So….I have to say…this month Ipsy ROCKED IT for me. Every single item in this bag is an A+++

For a few months now the bags have been great,no doubt,and I have mostly no complaints. My only issue is with the lipstick colors they kept choosing for me. I got three bright pink/reds back to back. Def not my color choice…although I have used them regardless for some modeling and a few selfies. They aren’t anything I would wear on the regular. This month that changed!

Anyhow let’s jump in!

  • Hikari Cosmetics : Shimmer Bronzer

This first item is the one I was MOST excited about. In my first or second Ipsy a year ago I got a Hikari blush that is my absolute favorite. Getting their products in my bag is always awesome. This guy is like a highlight,blush,bronzer all in one amazing product. Super beautiful colors! This is a full sized product that retails for $17.00 With that the bag already more than pays for itself! Woot! Swatches in photo below show each individual color and the bottom is all colors swirled together 🙂 Makes a perfect rose gold!

  • Mellow Cosmetics : Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude.

There were two color options for this and I was SO happy when I found that I had received the Nude color over the orange/red. This is my perfect color. I would choose this for myself. It feels amazing when applied and lasted for hours. It’s also a full sized product retailed at $13.00 Ipsy is totally winning right now!

  • Smashbox : X-Rated Mascara

I love Smashbox mascara. This is the second deluxe sample of a type of their mascara that I have received from Ipsy and you won’t hear any complaints from me. This one,though, may be better than the Full Exposure I got in a bag around 6 months ago. t claims that one swipe is all it takes but I have two swipes in the photo below. I wore it all day…no flaking,no smudge. Great! Full size retails for $22.00. This is a deluxe sample that sells for around $9.00 online 🙂


  • FORMULA 10.0.6 : Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask

I have a Formula 10.0.6 mask already for detox so it was fun trying a different one! I actually think I like this one better. I just tried it and it really made my skin feel great! We’ll have to give it a few days to make sure it doesn’t break me out,though. The full sized product retails for $6.99. This is a deluxe 1.0 fl oz sample that will last quite a while. There is no price I could find for the deluxe sample so I would value it at around $3.00



  • Vera Mona : Eye Smudger Brush

Lastly,this lovely brush. I LOVE WHEN IPSY SENDS BRUSHES. I have no idea why people complain. Well maybe I will be too once I have 100 or so…maybe. Haha. But right now,I do not have the largest collection of nice quality brushes and I’m a happy gal 🙂 I couldn’t find a retail price for this brush in particular but the other brushes were $9.99. I would put it in that price range. And it’s a fantastic brush. It has replaced my favorite go to ELF smudger. It’s also cute and purple 🙂



Totally worth $10.00! If you want to jump on board and get cool products like these, monthly, then use my link! It gets me points 🙂





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