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Sephora Play! Box

I’ve been waiting for the box all of my life…well it feels like it because I have been on the wait list since Nov of 2015. Finally last month I received the e-mail invite to join! They had FINALLY opened the service up to more states. I was SO excited bc I had been watching unboxing videos for months on youTube. All the boxes had amazing products in them,how could I say no? I LOVE Sephora so much,I’ll take anything from there.

For those not familiar with Sephora Play! It’s a monthly subscription box where you get 5 beauty samples and one perfume sample monthly for $10.00

So this is what it looks like: Super cute packaging. The bag it comes in may be my favorite part. You also receive a booklet with information about each product and a Sephora play pass that,when used during a purchase at Sephora stores,gives you 50 xtra Beauty Insider points.

So the first thing I notice is that everything inside is MUCH smaller than I had envisioned. I don’t recall the other boxes I had seen being filled with tiny samples. Hell one had even had a beauty blender in it. But whatever,let’s go with it.

The first thing is a perfume vial from Atelier Cologne in the scent Orange Sanguine. It is amazing. It’s orange so I felt like that would be just odd to wear. BUT it’s orange and floral and amazing. I’m in love. The back of the Play! Pass tells me each item and it’s corresponding full size price. It’s $110 for this guy. Which means I will probably never own it. This tiny vial will have to last me the rest of my life 🙂 The postcard is cute. I love postcards so I hung it near my vanity 🙂 These vials are $3 on Atelier’s site and you can get them in 31 different scents!


Next up is the worlds smallest lip crayon. When I tried this on…I used it as a lip liner bc I thought that was what it was. But it’s not so then I filled in with it. It’s was difficult because it’s so small. I will use it as a liner instead. I love Tarte products but I don’t feel I was able to use enough of this to say it’s great or it stinks…it’s just so small. The color is Latergram which I think would work well for me. It’s a shade I like. Full size product retails for $18 and I have no clue how much a tiny lip crayon would go for…maybe $3?

Then there was an empty box of Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Kimchi. I contacted customer service about this and shockingly they refunded my whole box due to the error. So …they obviously have amazing customer service. The sample size of this had to be tiny due to the size of the box. So I’m going with $3 on that too with full size being $26.00

Next up was something I was really excited for…until I saw ,again,how small it was. It’s Origins Maskimizer spray + Drink Up and Clear improvement masks. Tiny buttt it’s a cute little sample set. I feel a little jaded bc with Ipsy and Glossybox I’ve been getting deluxe sized samples of these type products and some even full size. I can’t tell if I’m going to want to spend $25 on something if I just use it once. Again probably $3. Most of these samples seem to be like the redeem 100 points at Sephora stuff or maybe free samples with purchase.


Next product is Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial which retails for $48 in full size. $3 for sample,I suppose. I used this last night and really liked it. It smells and feels amazing. I’ll have to give it a few days to make sure it doesn’t break me out. The size on this is good. I feel like with a skin care item it needs to be able to be used at least a week.


Last we have Briogeo : Don’t Despair,Repair! Which is a deep Conditioning mask. My hair is always in need of that so I love trying these. In the shower it didn’t seem to do anything special. My hair didn’t feel any better after using this so I rewashed using my Hask Argan and went on with life. Full size is $26 and I think I paid like $3.50 for the Hask at Harris Teeter when it was on sale. This is a decent sized sample though. You could get several uses of out it. This 1oz sample size of this is $9.00 making it the best value product in the box,I believe.


So….all and all here are my random thoughts. I think by opening up the program to more states they have sort of downgraded what they put in the box. or maybe it was always this way and my eyes glittered more bc I couldn’t obtain it. Also…the box isn’t an actual box now like the previous ones. It’s just a cardboard shipping box. Now that being said…there was a super cute bag. So maybe they changed that up? I don’t hate that. It was just surprising. A ton of us have been on this waiting list for 6 months or so…so this needed to be exciting. It wasn’t. Not at all. I’m hoping that this one was just a dud for me and going forward the next one will rock. I’ve never received a box I didn’t really care for..until this one. I think it was the wait time! I was also immediately disappointed bc the lipstick was missing. They issued a refund the same day so that was great. A+++ on that.

I’m giving it one more month. The value of this box seemed to be about $21 as best I can tell. It’s difficult bc as I mentioned before most of these seem to be the sample sized ,gift with purchase, type products. I’ve never had an Ipsy bag valued at less than $45 and that had no full size products so I expected more from this subscription service. But again,the next one could be great. I’ve heard many people say that Ipsy or Glossybox was horrible for them ,while I’ve only had great experiences. Maybe this is my suck box. Haha. Either way,it’s fun to try new things. I don’t need to have ALL the subscription boxes though. Feel free to leave comments and opinions on your box experience (s).




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