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May GlossyBox!

Today I got my 3rd Glossybox and it continues to make me happy! I usually don’t know many of the brands in my box and this month was no exception to that,haha. I was familiar with 2 out of the five,those being Benefit and Estee Lauder. I was super excited for the Estee Lauder bc I had not seen a spoiler of anyone receiving that. There was many a preview with a self tanning lotion and I was grateful they skipped me on that. I believe that everyone got the benefit Roller Lash and I hope you all are as pleased with it as I am! Anyway…let’s jump in!

Glossy Box is a $21 a month subscription service that sends you 5 beauty products monthly. Most seem to be full sizeย or very nice deluxe samples. The packaging is amazing. It’s honestly like a gift I give to myself. Unlike Ipsy,I’m never sure what exactly I will be getting in my box.


  • ย Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Full size retails for $24.00,this is a deluxe sample size which retails for $12.00

    This is the first product I see. I’m curious about this bc I have not tried any Benefit cosmetics before. I’ve seen on youTube that the gals like this mascara a lot so I slapped it on really fast. AND let’s just say that I will be indeed purchasing the full size. I usually don’t feel like the brand named mascaras do anything different for me than say Cover Girl. Smash Box is good but it doesn’t blow me away. This one blows me away. The wand literally grabs onto your lashes helping to separate and lift them up. It’s the magical unicorn of mascaras. The photo below is one swipe.

  • Talika Photo-Hydra Day. ย This is the full size that retails for $29.00!!

This moisturizer is awesome. It feels amazing on my face. According to the card enclosed it’s supposed to recreate the effects of natural light on the skin giving you a healthy sort of summer glow.Since I’ve only used it the one time Idk about all of that. I do like the feel and the light scent. As long as it doesn’t break me out we are golden ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Rituals Cosmetics: Shower Foam In Zensation. Full size 6.7 flo oz retails for $15.00 This is a 1.6 flo oz sample which I have seen on eBay for around $9.99

This is a nice foaming shower gel that has organic rice milk and cherry blossom as key ingredients. It really has a great scent to it! the scent lasts even after your bath. I just used this as a shaving cream and it left my legs feeling slick. A little goes a long way with this product so I believe the price tag on the full size is worth it. I am obsessed with bathing items ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Estee Lauder: Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme. Full size starting at $50.00 This is a deluxe sample retailing for around $12.99

Yes please haha. I am super excited to have this in my box! I have never tried anything from Estee Lauder but I’ve always wanted to! It’s a super cute bottle and smells amazing. I’m super happy with the skin care items in this box. I was in desperate need and they provided!!


  • Nioxin System 1 Cleanser And Scalp Therapy Conditioner. Full size retails for $49 and this deluxe sample kit I found going for around $24.00 on ebay.

So this is one of the items I saw could possibly be in my box. A lot of people were unhappy about that bc it says it’s for thin hair. BUT it doesn’t say that. It says it’s for normal to thin looking hair. The product card explains the product as : “Removing oils that clog the scalp hair follicles and environment residues from the scalp,Nioxin’s therapeutic cleanser and conditioner will balance moisture levels and help your locks appear thicker.

I have very thick hair but I am super excited I got this bc I wash my hair about once every 2 months. It’s just too much to deal with otherwise bc it’s also super crazy curly. I noticed a while back that my hair seemed to stop growing. I started paying closer attention to my scalp and noticed it was clogged. So lately I’ve been super focused on correcting that issue. I think this could be extra helpful! And yes…I’m trying to wash it more often. Blah! Super awesome that they included both the shampoo and conditioner!



So that’s the box. I was super impressed with mine! For $21 I got approx $88 in product! You cannot beat that! I discovered some new brands I love and a mascara I don’t think I can live without! That’s a good day!

As always,if you want to sign up and get cool stuff like this monthly then use my link! I get points! ๐Ÿ™‚




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