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June Glossybox! Tony Awards

This month I was pleasantly shocked by my Glossybox. I’ve been getting this a few months now and I have really liked it. Every month,though, ladies are complaining about the products they get.This month was the worst I had seen to the point where I was even thinking about cancelling haha. I looked at the spoilers and nothing really peaked my interest. But then I received my box today!!

They theme months from time to time and this one is in celebration of the Tony awards! I’m a total thespian so this makes me excited!! he red box is beautiful and ….as always…it looks like an awesome gift to myself.

So as I open my box I notice that I don’t have hardly any of the items anyone has been complaining about. With this box I never know exactly what to expect. With Ipsy and Sephora Play! they do tell you what you are getting. Anyway here’s what I got :

  • ICONA MILANO : Emotion Allowed Mascara. Full sized which retails for $19.00 This is a waterproof mascara and that’s cool bc I do not own one!


  • Lu’e By Jean Seo is a full sized product retailing for $15.00 This is a spot control liquid for blemishes. I will def be trying this tonight 🙂 My face is a mess this week. Blah!


  • LA SPLASH Lip Lacquer High Pigment Collection is a full sized product retailing at $18.00 (such a great box this month!!) This product is made just for Glossybox and is a true amazing red!! I didn’t know if I could pull it off but YES I love it.
  • TANTOWEL. Half Body Classic. Full size of this is ten towels for $27.00 Two towels are included here est value around $5.00 Idk if I will use these. products like this make my pale self look orange. BUTTTT I like to experiment 🙂

**Update** These didn’t work at all for me. I tried to use them on parts of me that never see the sun to even out my tan. NOPE. Didn’t make even the tiniest bit of difference.


  • Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce 1.5 oz retails for $5.99 with the full size of 10.6 oz retailing at $19.00 I don’t use hair spray often so I don’t own any. This is a welcome addition as it is something I would have to eventually buy anyway. Perfect size.


  • Sebastian Professional Dark Oil. This is a 2 ml sample. Not too sure if it even has a retail value. I love oil so this will be going on my hair soon!

**Update. This is realllly nice. Smells amazing too**


  • Caolion Pore Blackhead 02 Sparkling Soap. Full size of 3.5 oz retails at $26.00 This is an adorable deluxe sample at 25g. I found these on ebay for around $8.00 This item intrigues me the most. The packaging is too cool. The product card included says this soap contains charcoal and cocoa to double cleanse and exfoliate in one go. I’m sold!


So that’s it! Highly impressed with this box as usual! Won’t be cancelling after all haha. As always if this all looks rad to you ….basically $70+ in beauty items for $21…


Then sign up here! I get points!!




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