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June Sephora Play!

So this will probably be my last Sephora Play Box. It’s not that it’s terrible or anything,It just doesn’t thrill me AT ALL. Like not a bit. That’s sad too because I waited on the wait list for 6 months. It almost seems like when they opened it up to more people,the quality went way down. Bummer.

The sample sizes are very small. That’s just my opinion,I know some will say they are great sizes. I also get Ipsy and Glossy Box. I get very nice sized products with both of those subscription boxes. The added perk to this box is ,fittingly, that you can get 50 xtra points when you purchase something else at Sephora. I’ve wasted two of these so far. With Ipsy those points go towards awesome items. I was just able to get an It Cosmetics Beauty Sponge with just some of mine. That’s a $24.00 product. That’s close to the value of this whole box here.

I do love Sephora. I browse products there and then purchase them at Ulta. Why? Because they have an amazing cash back program versus points that can be redeemed for tiny samples. You’re paying $100 for that sample sized mascara. It’s crazy TO ME PERSONALLY. Again…my opinions πŸ™‚ Also I’m not getting too in depth with each product as this is my last review on this subscription box.

This one was better than the last one and I did indeed get all my products this time. So here’s what we got this month : Theme is The Minimalists.


  • Bumble And Bumble Don’t Blow It. Retail price on the 2 oz is $15.00 Size of product in box is .5 which is enough to be used multiple times. I’d estimate the value of this at $3.00
  • Benefit Cosmetics : They’re Real! Mascara. Full size retail $24.00 (and worth it) This is a deluxe sample size that retails for $12.00 online. Easily the best thing in this box. benefit mascara rocks my world. It doesn’t smudge,last forever and takes your lashes sky high.
  • BareMinerals bareSkin Bronzer : Full 1 oz size retails for $28.00. The one included in the box is a .10 oz sample that I will never use. The value is probably $2. Bronzer just makes me orange,I did try it on my hand and it was very sheer BUT…orange. I swear,it’s just me!
  • Becca Backlight Priming Filter: Full 1 oz product retails at $38.00 and this is a .20 oz sample that i’ve found for around $5-$7 online. I was pretty excited for this as well. I haven’t tried any Becca products so this was my first. It feels nice and smells wonderful. It doesn’t really blur anything but I find it to be a really nice primer.
  • Tarte Tarteguard 30 SPF Sunscreen. Retails for $32 for 1.7 oz and this is a .23 oz sample that retails for $12.00 It’s a super cute little guy. The bottle is actually glass,not plastic…shocked me bc it totally looks purple and plastic. I also have no clue why anyone would pay $12 for this tiny bottle of lotion. I guess they don’t need as much as my pale self does? bc this would probably just cover my face. Idk! Smells great though and I love Tarte products.
  • Tocca Beauty : Florence Full 1.7 oz retails for $68 and of course this is a tiny vial. It is lovely though. I LOVE the perfume samples. Both the ones I’ve gotten have been perfumes I would buy!


So the value of this box is def better than last month. For $10 I got $35 for of beauty products. So I won’t tell you not to get this box. There is NOTHING wrong with it. It’s just personally not my cup of tea. Ipsy seems SO tailored to me that every product is a win,Glossy always opens my eyes to new brands that i come to love and this box gives me Barbie sized samples of things that are hit and miss. Others love it! BUT I need to scale back on boxes and this one didn’t make the cut.

Anyone know of any other really cool boxes I could try???





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