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July Sephora Play! Box

Yes I know,I said I was cancelling this! Haha. You have to call customer service to cancel and I didn’t get around to it…so ta dahhhh another review 🙂 I will say..the little pouch this month is hella cute!


The theme this month is Effortless Summer. The thing I do not like about Sephora Play! is that up until this month all boxes have been the same. It’s not like Ipsy where you are asked what you like and don’t…no option to review. It’s just basic info. This month they switched it up and sent slightly different variations based on skin type. What I take this to mean is that you either got a liquid bronzer or a powder one and there is a variation on the primers. Those are really all the differences I’m seeing. I chose normal skin and I got the liquid one. I don’t use bronzer at all so it’s a fail for me and last month they sent me a liquid bronzer too. Ugh.

Moving on to the products this month:

Dew The Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer. Deluxe sample size retails for $8.00 …so ya know if you’re into bronzers then this is already a great box for you! If you’re a white white gal like me and don’t use it…not so much.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It’s a tiny guy,like gift with purchase type deal so value is probably around $5. I love this though. I have one just like this that I got through Ipsy and they last forever based on the fact that I rarely wear foundation. It’s an amazing product. Highly recommend this!


Beauty Blender Blotterazzi. These are seemingly usually sold in sets of two and with a mirror for $20 so I place the value on this “set” to be around $10. I had no clue what this was. I love my beauty blender but this is an oil blotter….I don’t have oily skin so …no point to have this really. Since they tailored the boxes to specific skin types you would think this wouldn’t have been in mine…but again…I think that was just the bronzers and primer. Weird. Anyway It also comes with a sample of their cleaner so that’s cool to use. I’ve been using regular shampoo with my BB.


Ouai Wave Spray. A good amt to try…1.7 oz which I find going on ebay for around $8. These must be all the rage bc I keep getting wave sprays. They are a complete hit or miss for hair that is extremely curly like mine. I def like trying hair products though! Will update this as soon as I try it out! playyb

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. These are going for around $5-$8 on ebay. Pretty excited about this. I’ve never tried this brand but people rave about it. I used it this morning and so far I like it. Unless it breaks me out….I’m digging the way my skin feels.


Nest Fragrances Citrine. I always love the monthly fragrance sample. So far I’d buy one of each I’ve had haha. This one is just as described. Smells of flowers,citrus and just a hint of like evergreen. It’s great!!

So that’s the box. If you like what you see then hit up Sephora Play! I’m not sure if there is still a waiting list to get this box but my spot will be opening up soon so you can maybe take that! Haha.

I’m sad to cancel bc I waited so long to get this subscripton box,but again…I have two others that seem better tailored and in touch with my wants and needs. This one has no option to do that so far. I hope that they work that out better for the future. Is this worth $10 a month? Yes,I def think that it is. And a lot of people LOVE this box. The best way to determine it for yourself is to look back over the past few months and see if the products jive with what you’d like to try.



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4 thoughts on “July Sephora Play! Box

    1. I hope you do as well! I think ,for me,it’s had good products but some misses too. I currently have Glossybox,Ipsy,Sephora and I just cancelled Birch. I thought about trying Boxycharm too haha. I need to cut back though!!!

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