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A Photo Road Trip With Shabaka5 Photography and Emily Nicole.

Last Summer I took a whirlwind trip around Happy Valley/Patterson/Lenoir with Shabaka5 Photography and my friend/model side kick Emily Nicole. I didn’t plan for it to be an awesome road trip adventure. I should have packed more clothes! I ended up wearing a romper …I grabbed an antique white slip for the hell of it and my floppy hat. They picked me up and we were off!

First stop! The Chapel Of Rest in Happy Valley NC. This historical place has been a sanctuary for me. It’s sort of a right of passage ,when you’re younger, to go ring the bell at midnight. It’s a beautiful tiny church left open thru out the week so that anyone can come in and pray. It’s also rumored to be haunted. There are quite a few variations to the story and what looks like a blood stain in the wooden floor to add evidence to campfire tales haha.

It’s a glorious location to shoot in and we took advantage of it. We shot outside and inside. You would hardly know where we were shooting though. That’s the magic of Shabaka…I’ve seen him literally shoot in a storage closet and the shots are amazing. No lie! There is always great music when he’s around as well!


My favorite shot from this location is the one below. We are actually laying behind the fence right before the cemetery starts.


Laying around,pretty day…eyes closed. Being a model is so difficult 🙂 Ok well the grass was itchy so there’s that! Below is a photo of the gate surrounding the old cemetery. There are a ton of graves from the American Revolutionary War time.


Next stop on our road trip was magically a super friendly horse farm out in Patterson NC. We had just stopped to ask about shooting on their property…maybe with the silos BUT they let us come in…interact with the horse..offered us to ride them…super awesome! Photos below were taken in front of their beautiful old red silo.

The horses were so great! I hadn’t interacted with any since I was in the 9th grade. They had everything from a huge Shire to a mini horse who almost took off my finger haha 🙂 He was such a little doll though!


The mountains in the background of this shot below take my breath away. It’s difficult for me to smile using my teeth…I hate it. I was absolutely beaming during these though. It’s hard to not smile around animals and great people.


The next location in this area was a dam I had frequented back when I lived in Lenoir. There is always some cool graffiti out there and usually no people around. Seemed perfect 🙂 I love shooting near water! We ended up climbing up on top of some of the areas and explored sections I hadn’t been in before.

The water was really tempting at this point in the day. I had to stop myself from diving in. I got to play around in a small waterfall though 🙂 It’s so small I am blocking it with my body in this shot hahahahaha.


Before we left I decided I did need to get in the water a little more. I wanted to swim,for sure…but we had other places to adventure off to that day 🙂 So instead I cooled off a different way! Totally works! “You can leave your hat onnnnn!”

After this we drove down toward the Lenoir area more basically in search of food haha. We ended up on some sketch back roads and ended up shooting some more. There are some creepy places near downtown Lenoir. Cool creepy but also def used by druggie creepy. Good photo locations though….if you’re with a photographer that looks like perhaps he could put down any weirdo that comes your way! Be careful in these parts of town otherwise…esp ladies shooting together. Be aware of your surroundings.

If you don’t know Shabaka5 Photography then you need to! Find him and his amazing art at or on fb at . HIghly recommended!!

Emily Nicole can be found on fb at  🙂

Until next time…



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