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NCPG Lipstick & Bikini’s Shoot (Oh My)


I’m not a bikini model. I’m not a bikini girl sitting on a new car model. In fact,I don’t even call myself a model. I’m a performer who performs as a gal modeling…sometimes.

Years ago when I worked with The NCPG (The North Carolina Photography Group) the organizer scheduled a “Lipstick and Bikinis” shoot. AND I rolled my eyes.  Now I’m not against girls in bikinis …or those who take those types of shots. I,in fact,think they are great…it’s just not my type of thing. When I started modeling I was basically in a costume,body paint or nude. It was difficult for me to model in “human clothes”. I felt odd. I told ya…I’m not a model 🙂

The way I got around this,for this shoot,was to bring my costuming into it. If I’m in costume I feel ok. I can model a costume and lipstick makes sense IN a costume. Just made sense in my mind. I went with a Leg Avenue sailor girl costume I used to run around burns in,why not? Also there happened to be doughnuts sitting around and a bottle of Kraken. The Kraken flowed those days in The NCPG..that day it also went into my photos,into me and then home with me at the end of the night as a gift 🙂

I have social anxiety…I know this NOW …not then. I’m an introvert with extroverted interests and no filter. Before I would shoot I would get crazy tense and nervous about it. I would go anyway and shove it into my back pocket where it would reach out and pull my hair and kick me in my ass from time to time. This day though….I had Kraken and sugar so I started to feel pretty good. Don’t get drunk at shoots ladies. It’s not professional. And I wasn’t drunk either,honestly I can barely drink anything! Haha. But sugar,Oh I can put that away all day.

Next choice in wardrobe is obviously pirate. Sailor/pirate-YES.

I think the bottle was a perfect addition to my theme! Who can Yo Ho Ho without the rum???

The location we are using here is the beautiful Lofts At Union Square in downtown High Point. This location is used often for weddings. It has many amazing spots for photography. The main area has these amazing columns then there’s beautiful gating…even a fountain. It’s gorgeous and you can rent it!

There was extra time so I slipped into a pin-up style to take some photos with my NCPG Angel sisters haha. Everyone always wanted photos of us together 🙂 I cannot express how much I miss these ladies.

BUTTT really I was just going through the motions. BECAUSE after this we were headed out to a bar in High Point called After Hours and I was getting photos taken with my LED hoop!


It’s so magical. Meanwhile I’m totally performing in a bikini now and it doesn’t bother me at all. But modeling one I just can’t do THAT. Trust me I completely get how dumb that sounds haha. I’m laughing at myself.


I met some new fabulous people this day. I miss that most…meeting new people. These days the group shooting experience is meeting new creepers. I don’t need any more! It seemed so much more easy back then,back before everyone decided they could be a photographer. Now creepers have this perfect weapon,a camera. They will even pay you. It’s more dangerous. There is no price for your dignity and safety ladies. Please remember that.

As usual I leave you with random photos from the event 🙂

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Obligatory “I’m in a bar,pool table shot”^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^




*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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