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Empties That I Would Repurchase!

All of these empties are from various subscription bags/boxes that I have gotten over the past year. These are items that I cannot live without for the most part and a few that I just am dying to make an everyday part of my life 🙂

Skincare: Vine Vera,Korres Wild Rose And Hey Honey Good Morning serum.

The Vine-Vera I received in my first Glossy box. We got two of these little tubs of it. They have lasted a while! I felt like it really did improve the overall look of the skin around my eyes. Unfor the price tag is hefty @ $146.00

Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial was from Sephora Play! One of the best items I received during my brief enrollment.It smells amazing…well if you like a light rose scent. It feels incredible on my face. I never had any issues with breakouts during my use of this product. Still a little step price wise though @$48.00

Hey honey Good Morning facial serum. I got this in one of my first Ipsy bags. I fell in love fast! The texture of it and how it made my skin feel was just the best. A product that it makes you feel happy to put on. I actually would like to try other products from their line. Ipsy never sent me any others tho! Haha. This tube is my second from Ipsy. I used points and got it a few weeks after receiving the first one! So…even at $41.00 this guy is completely worth it to me. I will def be purchasing a full size. WINNER.

Makeup Products: Skone Tattoo Liner,It Cosmetics Brow Power and Too Faced Hangover Skin Primer.

Skone Tattoo Eyeliner. This bad boy is just as good,if not better than the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. I actually returned the Kat Von D I had purchased when my box came in and had this in it. There is a $5 difference in price so I’d choose this guy @$15 over the Kat @$20 BUT honestly the ELF brand one is pretty damn good too. And it’s $3.00 For precision though I’d stick to Skone.

It Cosmetics Brow Power…nothing compares for me. I need it,I’ve repurchased it twice in store now. I will buy another. It is best thing. It’s true to color…you can build it up as needed without it jacking it up,the color stays ALL DAY/NIGHT/NEXT’s made for people who do not have the soft touch like me…it’s magic. It’s $24 for full size or you can be like me and keep buying the smaller one for $12.00 haha. Ulta sells both 🙂 Ipsy turned me onto this. What a life saver.

Too Faced Hangover facial primer. Oh I love this. It smells like heaven,makes me happy immediately and plumps my skin up. I’ve used a few primers now so I can actually tell a difference. This is my go to now. I don’t use facial primers a lot so the little one has lasted a while but I will be getting the travel sized one for $15 from Ulta.

Other Items: Lavanila Body Butter, Pur-lisse sheet masks (any) and Jorell Parker in Femina.

Lavanila The Healthy Body Butter in Pure Vanilla. This is vanilla like I’ve never smelled before. I’m usually not the biggest fan but this one turned me around. You can try it in Sephora and they carry most of the line there. It takes away any dryness you may have. This one is my second from Ipsy. I used points to get a second one because I was already obsessed. The full size is $19 and very much worth it.

Pur-Lisse Sheet Masks (any) yea just any. I got to try two through Ipsy and both were amazing. I hadn’t used a mask in a long time that had many ANY difference in my skin till these. Worth every penny of the $8 a piece they will cost you.

Jorel Parker perfume in Femina. Ohhh Ipsy,when I first started I used to get Jorel Parker rollerball perfumes pretty often. I have three different ones. I was amazed when I looked them up and saw each one was a $23 value! Every one of them is perfection…like something I would have picked for myself. This is the first one I received though and still my favorite. I always tell myself the full size perfume must be crazy pricey but it’s not. @ $57.00 will get me this..eventually haha.

Well so far that’s it! I’m so happy to have been able to try so many fabulous products over the past year (and then some). Subscription boxes are AMAZING!!



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