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NCPG Shoot At The Loft.

In downtown High Point,NC there is a magical place called The Lofts At Union Square. From the outside it looks just like an other tall building but upon entering this floor…you will change your mind. It is highly requested for weddings and events. When I modeled for the NCPG (The North Carolina Photography Group) we used it a few times for photography classes and meetups.

I don’t recall what was supposed to be the theme for this particular event. I think something about light and boudoir? In my mind it was “feathers,feather pillows” and I got my wish!

At this point in shooting with the NCPG the three of us who modeled for classes were known as The NCPG Angels. WE always had the best time shooting together. Tiffany and Morgan were always so super helpful to me. I never felt like a model and still don’t. I never had appropriate shoes…or real clothes BUT they always brought everything anyone could ever need with them. During this shoot I believe only one outfit is my own.

We all decided for the group stuff that we’d go Hello Kitty cute. Morgan brought us stuff to wear. The setup was a mattress and some pillows on the ground. But the scenery was so gorgeous. The columns are my love 🙂


The lady who was our contact at the venue,Monica,was always so awesome. I had mentioned wanting to have a pillow fight with feathers and she obliged me by slitting one of their pillow open!!! Then it was indeed GAME ON!!!


What is it about feathers in the air that is so much fun?

Don’t mind us!! Just hanging out!!

Torey Searcy Photography.

Never hurts to get a little SASSY w/Dragon’s Lair Photography  🙂

Time for a clothing change…also not mine…this slip. This is one of my favorite photos taken of me …ever…


The windows inside the loft are amazing. they give endless possibilities.

This shoot was super fun. I love when everything comes together in a beautiful location with great people!

For my next trick I brought out some festival “clothes” I run around in. I have recycled this outfit in many ways over the past 10 years…either in performance and modeling or as festival wear. It used to be a tube top,velvet maxi dress that I got in trouble for wearing to church in the 90’s. Haha. I cut the thing up and made it more suitable for my current life. maxi dresses provide a lot of material to work with! In this present incarnation of the outfit i’m only using the “leg warmers” ,headband,cuffs, tail and ears.

Photos by Torey Searcy

The full scene….

The Loft,lights,windows and all 🙂 Photo by Torey Searcy

I love those behind the scenes shots!


Creative edits…john4

Super fun! This venue will always be a favorite of mine. I often times think about getting some people together and having another shoot out there!

Photography by David Asher

Photos of photos haha

Joe Woo Captures Chris’s Photos.

Until next time…




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6 thoughts on “NCPG Shoot At The Loft.

      1. As much as I love B&W, I can’t help but think what the color in the costumer would look like in contrast with the background being so dark. Either way, brilliant job by you and he!


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