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Biltmore Estate Grounds, Gardens, Conservatory And Winery!

Moving on from the house we took a short trek across beside the lawn to the hill across from the estate. This is a great place for photos of the whole house! Here you will also find many magical fountains and oranges growingย on the other side of the fence. Between the sweet orange smell and fall leaves flying all around…I was in absolute heaven!!

Moving around the grounds there are a few observation decks with breathtaking views and many lovely statues. Art is just everywhere here. As you can tell from this bottom photo…we had an amazing day to be outside. Blue skies and perfect pre Autumn weather ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s really difficult to take photos in a place such as this. It was pretty crowded so I did the best I could. There was almost no time or area where there weren’t people just all over everything with their cell phones…including us. I didn’t edit the people out of these photos for a reason. I wanted to give a realistic impression.

There are some nice trails on property,some lead out to Bass pond and the waterfall. Some of the trails were secluded. It was nice to be alone for the first time all day haha. We didn’t make it out to this particular waterfall. But that’s ok,we saw two amazing ones just the day before.

A short walk away is the Conservatory. Be still my heart. To me this structure is as beautiful ,in its own way, as the estate itself. On your way there you walk through the fabulous gardens.

The rose garden,in particular, was showing out for us this day. I smelled one that was like cinnamon!! But my favorite were the pink ones,of course!

โ€œI feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.โ€
~ย L.M. Montgomery

Once you walk through the beautiful walled garden you arrive at the conservatory and feel veryyyy small again! It’s massive and a windowed,plant filled dream! The conservatory consists of four main rooms. The central room is a โ€œPalm House,โ€ which contains a large collection of palms, ferns and other foliage plants. The annexes include a cool house, hot house and orchid house. The total heated space under glass in the Conservatory is over 7,000 square feet. Yowsa.

Yes….the windows. I think I’m obsessed with windows haha.

The Conservatory was originally heated using a system that forced hot water through cast iron pipes placed under the plant benches. The hot water was heated by a coal-fired furnace and boiler in the basement. Ventilation and cooling was controlled using side and roof vents that were opened and closed manually using hand-turned cranks or chain pulleys. More than century later, these vents are still in use.

We stopped at the Conservatory Cafe outside to get drinks before making the trek back to the estate. t was time to take the shuttle back to our car and then head over to the winery at Antler Hill Village.

You can’t miss this on your way out,all traffic is directed towards it. In Antler Hill Village there are also more restaurants,souvenirs,an exhibition hall…and THE WINERY haha. So I haven’t been to Biltmore in many years….this part has changed A LOT. We only did the wine tasting part then left for food elsewhere. It’s beautiful,very upscale looking but I do miss the original more “farmland” ย version of it. Do I think that was better? No…it’s just what I was used to seeing,haha. I’m old like grandma,so sue me!

I’ll take one of each please! Well not really. The reality is that I don’t like Biltmore wine very much haha. It’s not as sweet as I like. I did appreciate it more this go around though. Last time I was here I hated wine! I develop a taste for it until I was 29.

Colton found a few he liked very much though! Luckily those are sold in grocery store so he plans to pick them up there. I’ll stick to my Woodmill #cheapforever #candywine

After this we were starving and generally tired from two days of hiking,walking and looking at EVERYTHING. We hit up Tupelo Honey outside of downtown and ate some amazing food. It was right before dinner time so it was deserted inside. Our waiter called us “Friends” and I almost cried. I hadn’t slept much ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner started and this post ends with biscuits,jam and honey. I was too hungry to take any more photos! This isn’t the end though! Next up/Next Blog…Our Day In Downtown Asheville!

Until the next adventure,




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