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Maymont Estate , Gardens And Animals!

Following up my Blog, A Victorian “Mourning” At Maymont Estate In Richmond V.A. with a “lighter” view of the estate and surrounding gardens and animal exhibits.

I’ve only ever been to Maymont in Autumn and I have no plans to change that going forward! It’s my favorite time of the year there and to travel!

Photos in this blog are from our second trip out for a day filled with Maymont and The Poe Museum!

Maymont is a 100-acre  Victorian estate and public park in Richmond, Virginia. It contains Maymont Mansion, an arboretum, formal gardens, a carriage collection, native wildlife exhibits, a nature center, and Children’s Farm!



The grounds are alive with color and weather is just perfection! Also…Brian is model ELITE!

On this trip we weren’t doing a house tour so we played around on the grounds before heading off to the Poe Museum for Unhappy Hour.

The Japanese Garden at Maymont is amazing and one of my favorite areas on the property! It features a koi pond and a large waterfall. The Japanese Garden also has a torii arch, rock gardens, and various red maples. This makes Autumn particulary breathtaking to view here!

Chasing down the waterfall!

I love nature 🙂  The arboretum contains more than 200 species of trees and woody plants and this beauty of a waterfall!

On to my next favorite part, The Italian Garden! Ok all the parts are my favorite! So what? There is so much beauty here!

What I love so much about the property is that in each area I really feel like I’ve entered a different time and place! It’s truely quite magical!

Sundial 🙂 The script is taken from the poem, “Too late I stayed” by William Robert Spencer.

“Too late I stayed,—forgive the crime!
Unheeded flew the hours;
How noiseless falls the foot of time
That only treads on flowers.”

The Grotto! Not just for the Playboy Mansion,after all hehe.

And now your walk has brought you to Maymont mansion,the elaborate Gilded Age estate…and my future home. Just kidding 🙂

Photos are not allowed inside the mansion,the following images are found at Check out this site for additional phtoos and information! Swan bed….that’s all I’m saying…SWAN BED!!!

Maymont is the permanent home of several animals that are native to the Commonwealth. Many of these have been injured and are otherwise unable to live in the wild. These animals include bald eagles, a bobcat, black bears and foxes! There are also animals in the Children’s Farm area such as chickens,goats,pigs rabbits and horses!

Have I told you of my love for vultures yet? Well yes…yes I love vultures! I saw a pack of them on the roadside once and it was both amazing and frightening at once.


Maymont’s Nature Center holds close to 30,000 gallons of aquaria that showcase many of the animals, aquatic and terrestrial,that inhabit the waters and land of the James River and the Chesapeake Bay. I haven’t made it into this part yet but it will be fun to explore next time I visit!

There is also a nice collection of carriages on display! Anyone want to take a ride?! They have that service available also!

It cost nothing to take this particular tour around Maymont property and wildlife exhibits but donations are welcome! It’s a great trip for families,couples or just by yourself for some peaceful reflecting. I feel like there is something here for everyone and especially those who love nature,history and animals! I very much look forward to taking this journey once again,asap!

Until the next adventure….







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