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A Picnic At Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance is a historic plantation house located near Lenoir, North Carolina.  It was the home of Revolutionary War General William Lenoir. Before the war, General Lenoir built a fort on the banks of the Yadkin River to protect settlers against the attacks of Cherokee Indians. Between 1788 and 1792, he built his home on the same site and named it Fort Defiance, in remembrance of the original fort.


It’s a popular field trip or day trip destination if you live in the surrounding areas.

I was a member of the Junior Tarheels Association club in middle school. I have always loved history! We used to trek from the old high school in downtown Lenoir all the way to the fort in Happy Valley to recreate the Overmountain Victory Trail. The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail (OVHT) is part of the U.S. National Trails System. It recognizes the Revolutionary War Overmountain Men, Patriots from what is now East Tennessee who crossed the Great Smoky Mountains and then fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain in South Carolina.

I always thought I was going to die. It’s a long walk for kids,I don’t know what they were thinking! What was I thinking? I probably just wanted a day out of school,haha! The actual OVT though was 330 miles long though. I love having cars,I really do!

My mom ,her friend Sandra and me decided to take a trip out when I was in Lenoir visiting one weekend. It was the perfect day and spot for a picnic!

I packed some stuff into my picnic barrel,grabbed some hoops and then we stopped by Lowes Foods to pick up a few things.

The drive out is really beautiful. If you’re an Outlander fan…this area is what’s known in the series as Fraser’s Ridge!!! No joke!

The house features over 300 pieces of original furnishings and historic artifacts. The five-acre property includes beech and hybrid chestnut trees, a 200-year old boxwood garden, and a family cemetery. There’s also a great picnic shelter!

Every time I come out to this place it’s empty. They are pretty strict about their hours though so make sure you check those out if you plan to go visit. This day was no exception…completely empty so we checked out the land. There is a small fee to go inside the house if you want to tour that as well.

Chestnuts,structures made from mud and tree limbs and bones…..a good day already!

The cemetery is always a favorite spot of mine,it’s just peaceful. The whole Happy Valley area has a sort of peaceful feel to me when I visit. It’s also a very interesting representation. The general’s grave is always marked by a flag. There are headstones almost falling off the mountain here…

Also buried here are Bessie and Loula,descendants of General Lenoir. The sisters died here at the house from  diptheria. They were laid out together and buried in a single grave at the foot of their grandparents.


“Laid down to sleep together,
Sept 6, 1877.”
“They were lovely and pleasant
In their lives, and in their deaths
They were not divided. “

*cries* I always loved their story,sad as it is. Fort Defiance is supposedly haunted by these two sisters. Although I haven’t been inside the house in years I remember their bedroom and how it felt.


Mom was always trying to scare me. Haha. This didn’t bother me then but now I would probably have a cow. I hate masks!! They really freak me out!

I love this huge tree on the property! It has massive roots on top of the ground that you can crawl through.

Picnic time! The Wine Witches or WINO… (Women In Need Of… Wine) !


Yes my picnic basket includes wine glasses! Who do you think I am?!

It was International Hooping Day so I made them hoop with me 🙂

We had a great time. I need to get my picnic barrel out and restock it. I had lent it to a friend but it was returned without any of the plates and utensils. Bummer that.

September and October are my favorite months for picnics or travel anywhere. I love seeing the leaves fall in all the different places ❤

That view…lookit those mountains back there!

Fort Defiance will be hosting an event, Living History : Life On The Frontier Of the Overmountain Men, on Oct 8-9th. You can check it out here:

Until the next adventure…





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