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The Carolina Renaissance Festival

Welcome to Fairhaven!!


The Renaissance Festival is a 16th century European style art and entertainment festival with outdoor theatre, circus entertainment, arts and crafts marketplace, a jousting tournament, amazing foods,costumes and all sorts of other fun!!

. The 23rd annual season opens in the fall Saturdays and Sundays, from October 1st to November 20th, 2016.

There are various themed weekends you can attend. Celtic,BrewFest, Deaf Awareness, Pirate’s Christmas,etc!

I usually go to Time Traveler’s Weekend,every couple of years or so. This event encourages you to come  dressed as your favorite time traveling character inspired by movies, TV, comic books, science fiction and/or fantasy – all costume genres welcome!  This particular year was no exception 🙂 My costume is inspired by one of my favorite artists and people , Brian Kesinger. It’s called “Fox And The Hare”.

For more info on Brian Kesinger please check out

The particular year I got to roam around with some new friends and met some very interesting new peoples 🙂

I mean when your photographer friend,Jayce,tells ya to get into a shot that’s filled with men in kilts…you can’t just stand there like a model. Huzzah!

Is that money in your garter sir….? Or are you just…oh heyyya it’s money 🙂

I had wanted to meet Captain Francis Drake ,whom I am eating money off of in the above photo, but I didn’t know this was going to be said first encounter. Honestly though,I felt it was appropriate 🙂 Top popping good time and I mean that literally. I couldn’t keep my corset buttoned. If I laughed…it popped…or hey,it may have just been the company…. 😛

Check out the good/naughty Captain here: and if you see him about at the festival be sure to tip him well,Tell him Moonkitty sent ya and get a fantastic photo 🙂

Get MANY fantastic photos! The characters here love interaction and if you are in the festival you, basically, have become a character yourself! Have fun!

One Big Happy Family!! Photo courtesy of Photos NXS

There is so much to see,do and eat here! FEASTING!!! ! The King’s Kitchen ,just one of many food stands, has something for everyone! The bread bowls are my favorite but most people want a big ol turkey leg. If neither are for you there is also pizza, wraps, fries, steak on a stake, roasted corn and so on! There are also many shops boasting sweeter things like fudge,truffles and caramel apples. AND don’t forget the BEER! Huzzah!

Fairhaven is a magical place that immerses you in a fun ,humorous, carefree, 16th century experience.

My favorite wench,Heather. I am going to miss her this year now that she’s moved on to Vegas!

Certain corners and shops have such a whimsy about them that you can forget your place in this world. Suddenly you are someone else entirely AND it’s time for a photoshoot! Haha!

Jayce of Photos NXS is one of the absolute best cosplay photographers I know. He’s also a fun person to hang around with all day 🙂

And this is my super fun,”sugar crush” Kiersten aka Badda Boom Cosplay.

Don’t mind us…..Just having a blast here!

Roving entertainment is all around you. There is almost no way that you won’t interact with some of the actors. If you’re in costume expect that people will want either your photo or photos with you. YOU WANT TO BRING MONEY. There are amazing merchants to purchase wares from. Everything from swords to leather-bound books and satchels…tails…yes tails…

Hey girrrrl you feeling a little frisky…? Hey boyyyy,I ain’t afraid to love a man…but I ain’t afraid to shoot one either 🙂

You want to tip the actors and performers. This is how they make money and they put on a hell of a show…an experience for you. Come in good spirits! There may be some bawdy humor and jokes.The actors always keep this to those of age though. A favorite show of mine is The Tortuga Twins. Their show is rated R and they put this up front in your face many many times before starting. That show fill sup fast so if you want good seats,plan accordingly!

If that’s not for you there is a variety of other acts going on throughout the day. I’ve not even seen all of them because you can’t cover it all in one day! I’ve been going for years and it wasn’t until this event that I finally got to see Hey Nunnie Nunnie. I highly recommend it!

There are also rides,games….the Dungeon! If you haven’t been in the Dungeon then I recommend a visit,at least once.

Jousting is always a popular event and it is really rad!  Sometimes it’s difficult for me to sit long enough to see much of it though. I’m pulling for the one in Saint’s colors!!! Geaux Saints…err…umm..where am I? This is like football,right?? No…ok!

Plan ahead for a long day. You want to get there early,get good parking and then have a full day to really see as much as you can! You don’t have to come in a costume….but hey….why not??!! I swear you’ll have a blast! See even the geese get in on that action!

For more information about The Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville,NC then check them out at

Until our next journey….




*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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