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Alchemy,The Georgia Burn…Take Two!

After basically saying I wasn’t going to another Alchemy,I decided to return.

For more information on Alchemy or to see my first experience with this particular burn please visitΒ Our Roadtrip To Alchemy: The Georgia BurnΒ andΒ Happy Burn Day! Alchemy 2011

This time I had a few more friends along for the ride. Bailey,Danielle and Pi. Luckily Pi had a truck large enough for all of our stuff. I have no idea how I thought I was going to fit it all inside a Ford Focus! We left bright and early!

It’s a long trip from Greensboro,NC to Lafayette GA! We are hungry! We make our last stop in this civilization before we enter the next πŸ™‚

I brought one Alchemy virgin and two burn virgins…they have no idea what awaits πŸ™‚

Woot! We are here! Time to check in with our greeters, get welcome spanks, play the familiar fun games and get SWAG haha.

Onward to camp! We aren’t camping with a theme camp this year so we find a spot on Silent Hill and get to unpacking!

The minute we get set up here we change and join in the fun! Oh and ,ya know, immediately hit the closest bar πŸ™‚ It’s a Shimmmiiii! Our favorite bar tender! And we’ve already made a new friend,Tim!

Then we go get acquainted with the effigy and temple. There is a burn book to write in…or you can graffiti the walls with your name,wishes,art. It’s a great space!

“Welcome To Your World”

It’s also fun to climb! Brianna in the middle there was afraid of heights…but she got up there! Anything can happen here πŸ™‚

We explored and made ourselves acquainted with the land and areas. This year I discovered that there WAS INDEED showers at Alchemy! In fact they had built new hot water showers as well! I had completely missed any showers the first time around. So we wanted to make sure we knew where those were!

The showers look like art…no wonder I never found them before this year!

Honestly I don’t remember a ton about the first night and have very little photographic evidence from it πŸ™‚

The Effigy was beautiful!

Waking up the next morning be like….

Pi made some yummy breakfast for us! There are dirty shoes and stuff everywhere. But also some pretty moths. It’s time to go out and about and have a great first day at Alchemy!

Today we are pirates! Arrrrr!

From this moment on…….I will we wearing sunglasses. I still don’t have any idea of what happened but for the first time in my whole life….when i’m out in basically the wilderness…I got an allergic reaction to something. My face was an absolute mess. First Aid was 0 help. They basically told me they couldn’t tell me if it was poison oak or something else. And so they couldn’t really help. A kid,like 8 years old, told me I may lose my eyes or die. Thank you….for that! They said they give me some advil. Anywayyyy…

Checking out the theme camps and meeting up with friends! Gizmo has run several of my favorite theme camps at various burns and this time it’s no exception! He has the Sparkle Pony Camp complete with an awesome array of costumes you can try on or borrow!

And if you’re VERY lucky,like we are,he’ll give you V.I.P tickets!!!

Yeaaaa baby!!! Gonna see some Skrillex tonight! I also heard Daft Punk may show up! Such excite,much sparkle ;P

I always have the best time at this camp!

Moving through the burn…seeing cool art,beautiful people,there’s the hot air balloon!! Also spotted I.H.O.P (The Intergalactic House Of Pancakes). They are easy to find because of their aprons proudly hanging on display!

So much art…

Finding friends all over!

My wonderful friend,Autumn, camps with The Green Man. I only ever see her at burns so we went off on a quality time adventure!

There is just SO much to see here. After our adventure I’m hungry and wondering how the rest of my crew is so I make it back to camp ans shed some clothes.

Based on my previous experience at Alchemy I had told the girls to pack warmer clothes and costumes. Of course this year was NOT cold and we were burning up! My crew returned to me like this….

It’s HOT!

Then it’s food time. This is when I discovered my love of Nutella πŸ™‚

We sat around and had an umbrella party!

If you sit around in a group long enough at a burn …either new people come over to hang out or old friends find you and you all hang out. Sometimes both! Also we have a great view,from Silent Hill, of the art cars going by on the road below us.

Our umbrella party heads up the opposite hill to the effigy and hot air balloon.

I love love love the deflated hot air balloon. We ALL do!

I explored the grounds after this with my lady,Brianna! She gave me the wonderful gift of a magnum condom bracelet that I wore proudly!

Brianna took me over to Bartertown which freaked the crap out of me. It’s basically a Mad Max style battling arena. She had been fighting there earlier and got a nice injury. You know how well First Aide was for me….at least they managed to wrap her hand. Our friend Flavious…errr…ummm…Jesse was camped out here πŸ™‚ The sign reads High Voltage and you may want to heed that warning πŸ™‚

For our next trick….Welcome to my troop…Girl Scout Troop 69 πŸ™‚

Spanks for cookies anyone…or cookies FOR spanks? Take you pick!

Yes we spread the joy,spanks and cookies wherever we go!

We’re on the move! Yes even the Death Car can’t resist Troop 69!


Like I said….we bring joy πŸ™‚

I signed us all four up for the Greeter shift that night. I figured it would be fun to greet people wearing makeshift girl scout outfits…and it was. It was perfect. I washed my face for the 50th time and it seemed to feel a little better so I was able to take the glasses off for just a bit. I love greeting so much!

We were at our Greeter shift until dusk. So….now it’s time to hit the town πŸ™‚ Drinking,fire,meeting new people….all the things.

AND THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST DAY OF OUR WEEKEND. Talk about fitting in all that you can! No one can tell us that we didn’t LIVE! Hahaha.

For more photos and information about our adventure at Alchemy,check out my next blog :Β Epic BOOM! Burn Night At Alchemy 2012

And until then….




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