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Epic BOOM! Burn Night At Alchemy 2012

Happy Burn Day!

We journeyed to another side of the burn that we hadn’t yet discovered. There was a Bare Breasted Brunch going down and that sounded darn interesting 🙂

Since I tend to pack grab and go foods for burns events like this can be SO magical when they pop up. Having some sort of cooked solid food can restore missing parts of you. Usually two days in I’m already JUST running on happiness and adrenaline. I appreciate you guys who do this for others SO SO Much.

I was performing in the fire conclave this year and Danielle agreed to be my safety. We had a conclave meeting up on effigy hill so we headed up that way! I was spining staff in this one and our tools needed inspection.There was homemade swag for participants 🙂 We are sassy cats!

Haha I love pictures of footwear at burns. SO DIRTY. And piles of discarded clothes,etc. Bring plastic bags,If you ever attend. You do not understand how much these come in handy.

Rain boots FOR DAYS!!!!!

Just hanging out…playing with moustaches 🙂 It’s SO hot out here!!!!


Yes my eyes and face are still super irritated. Morning cold showers were so very helpful. I’m truly thankful for those! Showers are communal,obviously. Some,like me,come naked…some wear bathing suits. Sometimes there is a morning sing’s a fun experience 🙂 After we shower,we get dressed (sometimes) and go explore some more! It’s Burn Day!



Some people say “More Cowbell” nah….More Ball Pit!!

The Stranger Danger thingy has always intrigued me. I don’t know what made me want to sign up for it. Basically you have your arms and feet belted in and people throw things at you! Someone threw a helmet at my head! Luckily I didn’t have a blindfold on at that moment. Dana came to save me though and then took my place. She was throwing the items back at them! Haha.

Walking around,making new friends….avoiding Bartertown (haha) …

Moustache Rides of another kind!!

There seemed to be actual moustache rides available too …if you wanted such….

hehehe. I wonder how many showed up for that offer 🙂

Black and pink babyyyy! Gizmo gave me a doll that looks like me!! Yes I have had Bailey’s from a shoe…..



Lamplighters come out. Sun’s going down….IT’S BURN NIGHT!

It’s time to get snazzy,take off my glasses and go spin fire around the effigy! I am ready and SO excited!

My conclave experience was quite odd. From my pov we lined up,dipped our tools and went out. Not even half the way around the effigy I’m hurried along to the other side. I don’t think I even spun through most of it…at the end I just ran. We stood there and the guy in front of me said “Now no one is out there wtf?”  then EFFIGY WENT BOOM. I heard that the archers who were set to start the fire by shooting fire arrows into it…had been given the cue too early. I honestly don’t know. BUT EFFIGY WENT BOOM. SCARY AF.

Have you ever seen a fire tornado? Bc…I have…

Photo by Ann Thompson

After the effigy falls we all run around it 🙂

Running around the effigy,embers in the air. It’s intense and so much fun.

I actually had a pretty chill burn night. Me and Bailey  fought our fears and got on top of Yes,Yes Rainbow!

This vehicle had terrified us. The top swayed and everyone would go by yelling “Yes,Yes Rainbow!” But…hey we did the thing and lived 🙂

Then we lay outside under the ice moon. In that huge open space,I cannot even describe to you how gorgeous this was.

Ice Moon by PhotoGnome

The next morning waking up like………hippies everywhere………..beautiful sunrise….

From our home on Silent Hill we watched the temple burn. It was beautiful. I sat there,reflecting on the words I had written and had seen written on it…and the time we spent there. Burning is releasing. It’s out in the universe now 🙂

When Danielle and Aaron woke up,though,there were horrors to be told. The night before they had been witness to a serious tragedy. Someone at the event used a poofer to set an explosion near some people. Those people were seriously injured and had to be taken off to the hospital. It was jarring and scary from them to see. I could not imagine.

Mistakes,errors and bad crap can and will happen at burns. They can happen whenever many people gather. What made me chose to not return to Alchemy after this is the disorganization. I’ve had great times at this event and every event is different. I haven’t been since this so maybe it’s changed and improved. I don’t know. But as of my experience with these two events…First Aid was like going to a hateful doctor in any e.r. in reality camp,loads of people strung out on drugs and there was no Sanctuary and a general rave type feel. That can be your thing but it wasn’t mine.

We sat there a while,ate,reflected more…some cute hippies came by to give us more food 🙂 My go cup from Science bar is looking rough haha.

Dirty hippies,dirty camp! That’s the joy of three girls in ONE tent hahaha. Costume EXPLOSION!!


We go out one last time to say goodbye to our new and old friends.

The moustache sticker is STILL on his octopus tattoo hehe 🙂

We have decided to pack up and hit the road. It looks like rain and we have a long trip ahead. We are also missing one of our crew.

Us at Science bar saying bye to Brianna,Tim and hunting Danielle 🙂

Potties make excellent backdrops in photos!

The only imprint we leave is the burn field. This was where the effigy stood. You will find people meditating here,singing,painting…..

We found Danielle there ,on a couch, haha. She seemed exhausted…I guess we all were by this point. Time to pack and get on the road. Just one more look before we leave….

A rope swing on the way…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Packing was awful but we just shoved everything into our bags,loaded it and got out of GA before the rain came. Sleep was so good on the way home. Brianna hitched a ride back so then there were five of us!

Like I say this was my last Alchemy. It may not be the last one I ever attend but it has been four years since I attended this event. I hope that the organization improved and the event is thriving now. I haven’t heard very much about it from my friends in the past few years. I had heard that it moved from Cherokee Farms and was searching for an area of land to use. I hope they found it and I hope that it’s amazing.

Till the next crazy time…





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