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Influenster Aussie VoxBox!

I recently received my 4th FREE box through Influenster! YES FREE. No I didn’t pay for shipping either. For more information on Influenster and how it works check out my original blog : Influenster VoxBox! and maybe sign up!

This box was the largest I’ve recieved.



People always ask me how often I get one of these boxes. So far I’m getting them around every two months. Not bad at all! This was my first month with full-sized products! Super exciting.


Interaction gets you boxes. They want to see that you are active on social media sites and that people are interacting with you as well. Also filling out reviews on products is super helpful! I recently downloaded the Influenster app on my phone so that I could easily scan in items to review. I actually find it fun 🙂

So here’s what I got and what how I felt about it. Obviously these products were sent to me for free for testing purposes. All opinions though are strictly mine!



Aussie Total Miracle 7 N 1 Shampoo and Conditioner: According to Ausie this duo provides strength against damage,silky softness,split end protection,nourishing moisture,humidity control,brilliant shine and lasting smoothness.

AND I loved  them.

Shampoo: It’s difficult for me to ever tell if I love a shampoo. I have naturally crazy curly/frizzy/dry….basically horse hair on my head. It’s made worse by constant use of heat tools to keep it under control. I don’t wash it frequently. It takes a few days to get any natural oil in it. The problem is I do get scalp buildup and it’s been a pain trying to find something to fix that issue. This shampoo worked wonders on my scalp! It also smells amazing!

Conditioner: Amazing smell. My hair felt super soft in the shower with this which usually doesn’t carry over to my hair after dried. This time there was a big difference. It made my crazy hair more manageable.

At $2.97 for 12 oz a piece for these they are very affordable and worked great for me!

I also wanted to say a huge thanks for covering the items in plastic when shipping. If you’ve ever recieved a busted moisturizer or shampoo alongside other objects you’ll understand why!


And last product!

Aussie Total Miracle 7 n 1 Dry Shampoo: This product is supposed to do it all with a first day clean look,freshness boost,lightweight fullness,color protection,refreshed feel,matte finish and great scent!



Dry Shampoo:  I’m still so very curious about these because I’ve only ever tried the one from Batiste. I really liked the idea of them because of hair issues mentioned earlier. BUT the Batiste and my hair didn’t get along well. It smelled lovely but it made my hair white! Haha. I didn’t realize you had to get one for dark hair,otherwise that would happen!

This one didn’t have that effect at all! No weird white hair. The smell was a little unexpected though. I had assumed it would smell sort of tropical like the rest of the hair line but it doesn’t at all. It has an almost medicinal grape smell when you spray it onto your hair. After it’s on your hair,though, it smells quite lovely!

The product does exactly what it describes! It refreshes your hair! I’m sitting here smelling mine as I write this 🙂 The product retails at $2.99 for 4.9 oz. I’ll keep up with how long that lasts for me and update this.

So yet another awesome box from Influenster. If this looks interesting to you ,take a minute and check them out! I’ve gotten some great boxes!







*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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