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Solomons Island, Maryland

Solomons is a picturesque island town nestled where the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay meet in Calvert County, Maryland.

The parents of a friend had a boat docked at Spring Cove Marina on the island so we  journeyed out to spend a weekend aboard it! ROADTRIPPPPP!!!


Spring Cove Marina is fabulous. There is a pool,picnic area,and a store! It even has 13 air conditioned home-style bathrooms that are cleaned multiple times daily. I wasn’t expecting that! I’d never stayed on a boat before though…so I knew nothing 🙂

The first night I got sea sick…go figure 🙂 I slept out in the car. The next day I was given some meds and these fantastic blue wrist bands that were to fight off nausea. They worked wonders!

There is so much to do here just around the marina! We swam and then had a brunch out in the picnic area with the parents before leaving on a nature walk to the beach!

We got lost on the way back…BUT it was a beautiful day!

Once we made it back to the boat we hung out by the pool for a few hours. Then we decided to take a trip out on the boat for a while!

After we got back,showered and got changed it’s dinner time! I loved hanging out by the dock. There was so much nature here! Even crabs near the banks.

At this point I’m just wearing the wrist bands 24/7.

Dinner at Stoney’s was fantastic! The food was beautiful and I got to see the sunset over the water.

On our way back we noticed there was a carnival set up! We decided we just had to go play!

They took me to Rita’s and introduced me to something new…frozen custard! It is pretty much life 🙂 Just YASSS!


Later that night me and the dude’s hit a bar in town. Calypso….aka …House bar? I do not remember much ….except that I danced barefoot and then washed my feet off in a shower that was in this bar!

I might have had a few dranks. Anywho that is where we end our first full day  on the island! We are headed home and I am hoping I can sleep inside the boat tonight without being sick!

Check out our next adventure on the island here : Our Last Day On Solomon’s Island

Till then….




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