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Our Last Day On Solomon’s Island

We had a blast the first part of our weekend on the boat in Solomon’s Island,MD. You can catch that adventure here : Solomons Island, Maryland .

Our last day on the island was also packed with fun!

We woke up and hung out by the pool,once again. I could get used to this every day!


We’ve decided to continue our day with a trip to Cove Point Winery  for a tasting!  The winery is located 6 miles north of Solomons Island and just a short distance from Cove Point Lighthouse. They are open Weds-Sun from 11:30-5:30 for tastings!

I stayed on the sweet side with the Lighthouse Mists wine. I liked every one I tried! They are  fruit based wines so…they all tasted like magical candy. That’s not everyone’s thing ,I know. BUT I was in heaven! I’ll take a bottle of each please!

I think the banana pineapple was my fav tho! So unique!

I like hanging out in vineyards 🙂 Maybe I’ll go live in one. Haha.

And then we’re off for dinner! I am amused by all the crab related stuff around Maryland. It’s pretty cool. I’m thinking I should have crab for dinner 🙂

Walking around,checking out the scene in town. It’s a perfect,beautiful day!!

Our dinner spot has a claim to fame 🙂 “BOBBBYYYYYYYY!!!!!” TOO FUNNY.

While we waited for service and food and such I wandered the area. I’d never been here before and I love to explore.

Just an island gal

We ended up moving inside. The sun,though beautiful,was a little intense!

Waiting for food!

The food here was great!



Unfortunately this restaurant has now closed. Hope it wasn’t “BOBBBBBBYYYY” ‘S fault 😛

<drum snare>

After dinner we got ice cream 🙂

Then it’s time to head back to the boat and pack it all back out! What a fabulous weekend away. Just shows how much you can do in one area in just one weekend! I was exhausted! I was falling asleep in the car as the sun went down.

Not a bad view 🙂

Until the next adventure….




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