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Our Journey To Compression Falls

Compression Falls is a beautiful 30 foot waterfall located on the Elk River in the very eastern most section of Tennessee. It’s a popular swimming hole in a pretty remote location. And we are going to jump off of it!!

Should I write my will now?

Summer in Greensboro is HOT. I had forgotten how hot until I moved back from Blowing Rock. Since it’s Hell’s arm pit you are always looking at spots to cool off in…this brought us to Compression Falls. Me,Dave and Brian S decided this was a must! It’s located just a few hours away from Greensboro and we love a roadtrip 🙂

My friend Brian H was in town this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to drag him along on an adventure!! Let’s hit the road!

Driving directions were a bit sketch and I just happened to pick a rainy chilly day. Summer up in this area isn’t 100 degrees typically anyway but when you’re used to 100 degrees….65 seems COLD. Let’s go jump off of a waterfall!

Once we got closer,outside the Boone are, we got a bit lost. There were 2 Poga roads and we were at the wrong one 🙂 We explored our area….where are we?!?! Cell service is crap,we are in BFE ladies and gents! But we finally managed to figure it out.

We remedy our issue and get to the where our friends are! The parking for this looked to be basically in someone’s yard. So strange. And then the FUN begins.

I had read up on the falls before we went..saw many warnings. They were all correct.

The hike starts from a dirt parking lot down a gradual and wide 0.3 mi. trail to a sharp left turn straight down a 60 degree quarter-mile slope through the forest to a riverbed. At the start there is a rope to help you get down into the trail. This was all just as “FUN” as it sounds.

I already wanted to die by this point.

On this  trail you have to use roots & rocks as steps and tree holds to maintain balance. It’s INTENSE.

But we made it! The pay off is incredible! So worth it!

Extremely popular spot! There were already people jumping and sliding off!


30 foot looks like 1000

The path over is no cake walk either. Thank goodness for great shoes!


I think I’m still catching my breath from the trek in…


But you aren’t done yet. In order to jump or slide from the falls ….you first must get to the top. This is a slippery,dangerous trek as well. Brian H went several times so I was able to capture his slide down 🙂

In all honesty I almost chickened out at the top,I had my friend push me. Haha. It was terrifying and awesome and crazy. I screamed all the way down 🙂

It’s a beautiful spot. I could happily sit here for an hour…


Yes it was cold,haha. Mountain water is the coldest! It makes you feel alive though!

Beware the water goblin,she lurks 🙂

I had packed a hoodie and extra socks in my bag. These were a life saver!!!

We also made friends with a Hellbender! This guy is a HUGE salamander,the photos don’t do him justice!

After you spend your time here it’s time to head back out. And yes ….now you will be climbing straight up and on outta hereeee.

How on Earth did I survive this? Haha. Worth it? YESSSSS. I just kept telling myself this over and over.

Warnings: Dangerous,steep,rocky,slippery treks. Very slippery rocks. People HAVE been injured here.

If you chose to investigate wear great shoes! Also pack extra socks,a jacket if you tend to get cold (yes even in Summer), first aid kit, food and water and a towel.


Until next time….
















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