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The Creeper Files : Politics

Trump or Hillary?

So this week has been especially draining. Facebook and other social media sites are basically being used as platforms for those who know very little…to say a VERY lot. I think we are sunk with either candidate. I don’t make political posts,it’s just not something I care to debate about. BUT I will call out rape culture on both sides. Today has been SO bad. I’ve seen friends and family members engage in some of the most ridiculous conversations I’ve ever seen. What I ended up posting was more about this than anything political.

Here’s my Facebook status:

Neither candidate is as upsetting to me, at this moment, as the people I know personally are….no really you all break my heart. I do not care who people vote for…you don’t see me saying anything about the election. They both suck. BUT I will forever and always stand up for women’s rights. I am able to say one particular person did something horrible without ever mentioning anything else. That’s ok!

If YOUR only defense is that someone else did something bad too,then that is a problem. You don’t need to stamp your foot on my status and have a spasm. And I won’t let you attack my friends,you will be deleted. You don’t know them or what they’ve gone through. When you’ve been raped hearing some of the shit people are spewing right now,on both sides, is really tough.

I feel for your wives,your mother,your children and any women who crosses the paths of some of you. It’s embarrassing and disgusting to me that anything regarding rape,whether it’s to someone’s face or behind their back, is ok. It’s not,wake up. Boys will be boys is bullshit. Don’t give sex offenders excuses and stop handing them ammunition. And women,get a grip,we need to take care of each other not be even more hurtful.

Here’s what happened when I did…

Welcome to The Creeper Files : Politics!


“Fucking bitch wohr u dont know the first thing about the white house. u keep that mouth shut or ill shut it for you slut. slut.”

“shut it yor mouth down. you dont know what youre talking abt”

“Shut up please,the real adults are trying to have a conversation”


“when you no the difference between the elephant and the donkey then we’ll talk”

“DONKEY ASS LIBERTERRIAN BITCH FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Hey are you there???”

Fuck both of them.

“Tonya I do appreciate what you are saying but no one is worse than Hillary. Your status is a bash against trump and I cannot stand for that. We need to make America great again and he’s the only one that can do it. You are leading people astray in a way similar to the Anti Christ. I hope that you will find God and accept him into your life and let him warm your soul. Peace be with you. Trump 2017”

“Trump is the one true way. I wont stand by and watch you say things bou him that arent true. he’s just saying things. The bible is ok with ths, I dont know of any man that doesn’t think about rape and sexuals. Dont say things”


“I believe in all my heart that Trump is going to lead the way! he will make American great again! God wants this to be so! Jesus in 2017!!! Bring back the lord!! I know he has said some things but they don’t matter! Why should we be concerned with such notions? We are beyond that! This is God’s world,tonya.”

“Honey we have to put our faith in him now. I know you don’t want to hear this but really women need to be careful. They are the weaker sex in mind and body and can be so easily taken advantage of. Look at the issues you’ve had in your life? You don’t think maybe covering up a little more might have prevented that?”


“I feel like your status was directed at Trumps throat but it could have been against Hillary too so I’m a little upset you chose to make any sort of status about it. You arent here for that.”

“Vote Hillart,HILLARY HILLARY!!!!!! Hello. Stop talking about Trump .Hi. Hiiiii. hello are you there????”

“Don’t say anything about Hillary R Clinton! I’m voting for her. Seriously,I will delete you. We all have to agree that she’s the only choice. I don;t want to see you make a status against her. I really will delete you!”

I interrupt this to tell you….I am so so very concerned about that deletion. No wait…no I’m not. Not at all!


“Hey there. I saw your status and i don’t agree with it.”

….ok? Is the world still turning? Yes….proceed with life.

“i fucking hate women like you”

…Yea doesn’t it suck when we all don’t just fall to your knees and gravel?

“Yes trump said something but what about all the things Hillary actually did?”

…yes what about them? Two evils can share the same world. By talking about one ..doesn’t take away the other. Pointing fingers helps no one. Both are bad. But I’m talking about THIS today because some people on Facebook seem to have forgotten what CONSENT means. And how do you know what Trump did or didn’t do?


1000000% done with social media today….




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