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Adventures At Transformus!

Camping on your own is invigorating. Well,I guess I’m not exactly on my own here…I’m surrounded by 1000 or so of my closest friends I haven’t met yet 🙂

To see our journey into Mysteria or to read more about the event itself, check out part one : Follow Us Around Transformus 2011!

The mornings here are pretty peaceful. Since everything here is interactive I like to walk around getting photos of the art and campsites before there are people on it at play.

Oh hey there Madelyn!!

You know Madelyn if you’ve seen any of my body paint photos on here. That is her handiwork 🙂

Today I’m Rangering for the first time! I’m super excited and a tad bit nervous. Rangers are like the peacekeepers and first contact in case of emergency at the burn.

YES! Rangering involves hugging lots of people! It’s a great volunteer shift. Tons of interaction…new friends all around…and you get to help people should the need arise. My only issue was…you can’t eat or drink on shift. I completely understand the logic behind it. In Mysteria everyone wants to give you things. Sometimes drinks will have alcohol in them ,etc…and a ranger shift is always a sober shift.

And of course the best REAL lemonade stand in all of the world always just happens to operate while I’m on shift…

No kids…I never got any…. *cries*

Our shift was pretty chill. My partner wandered the land and got familiar with where everyone and everything was set up.


Along the way I run into Jess at Disgraceland trying on a dress. The Running Of The Brides was an event I was excited to do later during the burn…and she’s looking snazzy already!

Yes intentional moop. This is Disgraceland!!

There is a Miracle Berry event happening over here. If you have one of these really rad tablets then all the sour or bitter foods you eat will taste sweet!


So many beautiful people around…art vehicles…theme camps…costumes…

After my shift I hung out for a while,everything is so diverting. Then it was time for The Slut Pride Parade! Hey…why not? Basically we are parading around Mysteria handing out care packages of condoms and lubricant. Safety matters!

Proud carrier of the “Slut Bucket”

Later that day it was time to dress for night-time adventures. I won’t lie…my tent is a mess!

Me and Jess had plans to party at her camp,Pretty Titty Bang Bang. They have a fully stocked bar in sort of a steampunked environment. Umm hells yea!


I think we are dressed appropriately ! I made these kitty kat pasties special for this burn!

Yes,Moonkitty is home.

Moustaches are always necessary!

And this is where we end our night…at one of the largest bars in Mysteria…dancing,drinking,meeting all sorts of new people and having a blast 🙂


I leave you here….but tomorrow we will discover Burn Night!

Until then…




*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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