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Happy Burn Day From Transformus!

So far you’ve followed us around Rangering,a Slut Pride Parade and attending a rad party at Pretty Titty Bang Bang complete with kitty kat pasties in Adventures At Transformus!  This next morning I’m waking up super early for my volunteer shift at Greeters.

You can choose to hitch a ride to this section of Mysteria or you can choose to take a morning stroll down the road through the beautiful forest. Seriously…I wouldn’t miss that stroll for the world.


I’ve arrived! Greeting is my favorite volunteer activity. I especially love being a Greeter on burn day! It’s so much fun to welcome the remaining people into Mysteria. Everyone is super excited to be home!

So here’s me and my fellow greeters for Transformus burn day 2011. If you came in during the morning…IT WAS US!

Early morning is also very chill. There is plenty of time to get to know your fellow greeters…fold paper cranes…haha. And as luck would have it I already knew a few of these awesome people. It’s the best of both worlds!

We also made lists of what we wanted to do at Transformus during the rest of our time here. I know mine said DON’T GO ON THE SLIP AND DIE. But…anyway 🙂

After Greeting it’s on to more fun! Me and Jess have discovered that we are 2 of The Village People and make way to find our remaining members. They have to be here right??? Let’s find out!

SO CLOSE…..well at least we are making friends along the way. Also I can’t believe I wore white knee-high socks to a burn. Bahaha.

So close….

It’s a different sort of Village People.

But Then!!!! BOOM!!!!

It’s fun to stay at the ….Y…M…C…A

YMCA-AAAAAAAAAYYYYEEEEEE!! They ain’t got nothing on us…well they have more members but ya know what? I couldn’t remember and we don’t use cell phone here in Mysteria haha.

After we got the band back together we decided to enter The Dusty Swan and have a whiskey tasting. This,I believe is where everything got a little spinny for me.

That and then there was Campy Jello Shots Galore…. They don’t skimp on the alcohol in these shots. Whew!!


So after all this alcohol I’m ready for The Running Of The Brides! Jess has decided to be our police escort through the land and photographer 🙂 I only have a veil so I made due with some black sequin pasties,a veil gifted to me and some cheetah print undies.



We are all obviously looking for a groom…has anyone seen one???

We actually did find one. A guy in a mint green ruffled shirt tux. So…we chased him all the way to the porta potties. And now we wait….



After you’ve found your groom and you’re drunk the only possible option left is obviously to go down THE SLIP AND DIE!!!!!

You can see my tonsils in this picture… Slip N Die Bride FOREVERRR!!!!

The Slip And Die goes directly into the lake there and my veil almost drowned me. Haha. Is that a metaphor? Idk…I’m just trying to stay afloat. Jess wasn’t going down either but she did. Never say ever…esp not here 🙂

I blame you Dusty Swan…

Me and Jess head over to Disgraceland.

A truly magical place you have here,Gizmo!

After this I went back to my camp to eat and chill for a bit before heading out to Ranger perimeter at the burn. This is an important job. You help keep the crowd from the effigy so they don’t get hurt. You would be surprised but people have been known to get a little too overwhelmed or “fire wild” and try to run into the flames. One person actually did. Like I said…important job.

Anyone remember when hair feathers were all the rage…? Haha…

Happy Burn Nighttttt!


I have a great spot to see everything going down. The Green Man puppet and the dragon art cars are all lining up to do their thing and there is a hillside being covered in happy hippies waiting for fire.

Beautiful ladies …

It’s getting darker and we all wait 🙂 Fire breathing dragon art cars keep us happy in the meantime!

Holding perimeter,I’m making friends with those around me and saying hey to those I already know!

Now it’s fire time 🙂 This begins with conclave…a group of fire performers dancing around our beautiful effigy. Staff spinners,poi,fans…anything you can imagine…on fire.

A Dragon sets the effigy a blaze! It’s usually a slow burn and it gets intensely exciting. By the time it falls and perimeter lets up OMG I could just explode!


The effigy burns along with well wishes written ON it…the memories of times spent and friends met INSIDE it….memorial plagues and art that had been set there…there is so much to this. So much love goes into this effigy..the building of it…the burning of it. It’s a religion all its own. It’s a HUGE release…

It’s also time to run around the sucker and then go party!!!!!

I fucking love her 🙂

We made smores and drank over at PLF (Party Liberation Front).

The last thing I remember was riding on the back of Davina The Dragon….not this girl here obviously haha but the art vehicle.

But that’s how it goes 🙂 Sometimes you don’t sleep..sometimes you don’t make it back to YOUR tent…it’s amazing we survive at all sometimes. But it’s always ALWAYS an adventure…

Continue the journey in Sunday Funday At Transformus!

Until then…




*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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