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Sunday Funday At Transformus!

The last day at Transformus was time to bring out Troop 69! I was super excited as this was my first adventure with it. I’ve always wanted to be a girl scout. Here’s was my sort of chance haha. We started early because this day was supposed to get really hot! Don’t want the cookies to melt!

For this particular burn we were making people do funny tricks for cookies. Depending on how cool it was….that determined the “level” of cookie you got. We had regular store bought and we had homemade samoas and thin mints!

Getting the cookies together 🙂

We needed a megaphone so we went in search of one. During this time most people seemed to be asleep so I took advantage of this and got some photos of my surroundings.

If you’re unfamiliar with communal style camping…here’s how we wash the dishes!

All gray water is taken off property to be thrown out. This is a typical scene at a camp that may cook a lot for it’s guests. I carry a plate in my go around bag but other than that I don’t do much cooking or dishwashing at burns. 

Our neighbors for this weekend in Mysteria were camp Fuck You,I’m A Wizard! The wizards where a lot of fun and they have Koda….the cutest dino ever 🙂

Still searching for a megaphone…oh look they are making margaritas a very interesting way…

I have no idea….but they get it done 🙂


I swear he looks familiar,hahah. Flavious /Jesse lets me borrow his megaphone! Now we are set.

On the road with Troop 69!


I’m discovering places I hadn’t even been to yet haha

Troop 69 is not a sober shift…

Troop 69 usually always ends when my attention spans starts spazzing because of heat…But I had a blast 🙂


Next up….get me out of this dang shirt and into something cooler. I ate,hung out a while…wondered around the small beach and then got picked up by The Love Boat! And guess who we pick up!

The Matrix..with bananas…

The fact that one the 3rd day of a burn my socks are still white speaks to the lack of rain that year 🙂

Tonight is the temple burn so we get all snazzy for that 🙂


Hanging out with friends in Philosopher’s Stone.

Anti-Sanecraft in the background.

I don’t have a ton of photos from the temple burn. Me and Jess sat on the hill watching it and we were lost in our own world. It was a feeling that I can only describe as transformation. At one point I noticed a movement and looked around. Around me were thousands of people…waving glowy things. I swear I had felt like there was only the two of us in the whole world. No alcohol…it was a moment i’ve never duplicated in my life since.


The next day we pack it all out and head home. We stopped at Sunny Point in Asheville for foods and flushing toilets!

This was my favorite Transformus,hands down. So many unique things happened that showed me how energy works in this world. I made great friends and spent quality time with fabulous people. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

If you want to see the first parts of this journey or for more info please check out :

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And until the next adventure…





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