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BzzAgent is an international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services. Basically, we’re a community of communicators!

We try products and services sent to us by BzzAgent and then then share our honest opinions about them with people we know.

The packing tape is adorbs…

BzzAgent is different than Influenster VoxBox!  in that you are not required to post reviews on all platforms of social media once you receive the products. There is only one review for each product and that’s it. Super simple! You also don’t have to interact with the site daily or weekly to remain current or be considered for the upcoming box. In fact I hadn’t been on the site in months and then I received this box of happy in the mail!

All full size products!!!

Each product in this box retails for $24.99…so BzzAgent sent me $74.97 worth of free skin care and they even paid for shipping!

Let’s look at each piece closer!

  • Loreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep – Acting Moisturizer 1.7 oz retail price $24.99

Immediately results are deeply hydrated skin and a more radiant complexion.In 1 week skin texture appears smoother.  In 4 weeks Skin elasticity is increased,skin appears firmer and looks younger.


Thoughts: So far I’ve been using this for a almost a week and I can verify the immediate results are as claims. It also smells really good! No breakouts to report so I’m excited to see how this improves my skin going forward! My skin was in major need of moisture and this has helped so much.

  • Loreal Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum Treatment 1.0 oz retails for $24.99

Immediate results are visibly more radiant skin. In 1 week skin texture appears smoother and skin tone is more even. In 4 weeks wrinkles are visibly reduced,skin is revitalized and younger-looking.


Thoughts: I agree with the immediate findings for this one as well. After using it for a week I do feel my skin to be more radiant and a lot smoother already. I’m using this mainly around my eyes. We’ll see what happens!

  • Loreal Revitalift Triple Power Day Lotion Moisturizer SPF 20 1.7 oz retails for $24.99

Immediate results are skin feels soft,appears healthier and more radiant. After 2 weeks coarse wrinkles are improved,appearance of dark spots reduced and skin tone is brighter,more even. After 8 weeks appearance of wrinkles is significantly improved,dark spot intensity is visibly reduced.


Thoughts so far : After using this a week my skin does feel and feel a lot healthier. Freckles may be cute but they are just sun damage and I have way too much of that already. I’m 35 and it’s time to start taking better care of my skin.

So there you have it! Something I didn’t even know that I 1000% needed….a skin care collection filled with great products! I’m excited to continue to use these and update my progress here!

So I just went and did a review of each product and I’m done with my part! So easy!


If you’d like to get free stuff like this then check out BzzAgent! It’s completely free…or else my cheap ass wouldn’t be using it!




*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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