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“The Air Itself Is Filled With Monsters”

“It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror. The air itself is filled with monsters.”


For the open house meetup at The Studio in Charlotte we decided to make me into The Bride Of Frankenstein. There are so many variations on this theme,it was difficult to decide which to go with. In the end I think we just meshed a few together and went with it. My makeup and hair creator for this costume was Brittni Lace Haas who is amazing. The little Frank was just laying around that day so I shot with him!

“Yes, I know. Made me from dead. I love dead… hate living.”

These leaves were laid out in one of the studios!

I’m possibly a bit in love with Dr.Frankenstein as portrayed on Penny Dreadful. I loved that show and am very sad that it’s over. I heard so much hate over the last season,I only hate that it ended on such a note. But honestly how else could it have ended?

“We flatter our men with our pain. We bow before them. We make ourselves into dolls for their amusement. We lose our dignity in corsets and high shoes and gossip and the slavery of marriage!”


I have fun memories of this shoot. I basically had three models and a mua getting me into this corset.It was supposed to be an underbust but at the last minute we decided to pull it all the way up. Well….it took some effort,hehe.

It ain’t easy being green 🙂

“What then, undead thing? We were created to rule, my love. And the blood of mankind will water our garden. Us and our kin… and our children, and our generations. We are the conquerors. We are the pure blood. We are steel and sinew both. We are the next 1000 years. We are the dead.”


This was a super fun shoot. It’s always great to get into a freaky character. I hope to recreate it in more of a Penny Dreadfuls Lily sort of vibe sometime soon! But hey…who can pass up green skin? You gotta do it at least once 🙂

Happy Halloweek!!

Quotes used by Mary Shelley and taken from Penny Dreadful.



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