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Halloween Edition!

A special edition of The Creeper Files feauturing not only creepers but just generally unhappy mean people πŸ™‚

My loss of faith in humanity is your gain in humor.


“You. You know that the littles witches that facebook let you use on photos now is a way that the Wiccans use to communicate with other Wiccans. I’m sad to see that you condone and use this practice. I’m really sad”

“all the witch photos you post do you think your harry porter or somethiing??? do a trick then?? make magic!! LOLOLOLOL you cant!!!”

“you arent magicl bitch. stop poating so many costume photos. no one cares about your magical asses”


“Costumes. What’s with all the costumes? I thought you were a model. Those don’t wear costumes all the time. Lame as fuck”

“Why do you always where costumes? Are you like 5 or somethiing? Give it a reast”

“Everyday a costume. Every day. Thats just dumb stupid.”



“You say Samhain and it’s called Halloween. It’s not for the devil so take your nasty shit back”

“It’s always been Halloween,call it Halloween. Trunk or Treat,no door to door. People try to give our children drugs and razors in candy. It’s Halloween though”

“Halloween not Samhaein whatever nonsense. Dont spread your pagan bullshit all over my face. I’m done. I cant even……………………”

Truly awful….stop worshipping those Satans ;P

“You prob snet around in falmes”

“Hell is filled with fire just so you know.”

“You’re going to hell for posting so many photos of your body. Satan is working on you and through you with this modeling. God will burn the skin off your stinking filth.”

“Id burn you in hells fires myself if I could find you stank”


“Hey sexy kitty what you gonna be for Halloween??? You post so many costumes. I’d love to watch you strip out of each one of them.”

“Your photos are sexy. my friend is friends with you and i see your photos. i love how you make everything so sexy sexy. wanna go out sometimes?”

“Can I borrow the sexy costume in the photo? My man is all about show girls.”


“I buy you dinner or I could make it for you. You like what foods? is it Italina foods?”

“SEXYYYYYYY. Where do you live? I can come pick you up and take you out. You’ve never had a man like this before babe. Do you like Olive Garden? Kids eat free on Halloween. ”



Hope everyone is having a great Samhain/Halloween!





*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

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