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Bath Melts!

I LOVEΒ making bath bombs! I use coconut oil so they make my skin feel amazing and the water in the tub fun colors. BUT sometimes I don’t feel like hunting citric acid or I run out of one ingredient. I was recently out of baking soda when I thought about making bath melts instead. Coconut oil is so good for your skin and with coldness approaching my skin was already in need.

Bath melts are the easiest thing you will ever make. It’s as simple as melting 1 cup of coconut oil,adding some essential oil and pouring the mixture into a mold or ice cube tray. Seriously…that’s it.


  1. 1 cup coconut oil
  2. 1-2 tablespoons of essential oil (as smelly as you want
  3. A mold….any kind

Extras: Glitter,color,dried flowers….whatever floats your boat.

I do always recommend Crayola Color Drops for coloring. They are non staining and work great!


Begin by melting one cup of coconut oil. Once this is melted add everything else into.


Then pour into your molds. They will need to sit a while. To make them harden faster put them on a baking sheet or plate and place them in the freezer.


I used a Halloween mold for my second set. The color you see here is a comboo of the glitter and Color Drops setling to the bottom of the mold. It didn’t intend for that to happen but…SCIENCE haha. It actually worked out GREAT!! I’m still dying over the cuteness of that ghost πŸ™‚


A few things to keep in mind:

-Using a mold about an inch deep seemed to give me the best sized bath melt for one bath. The fruit mold was silicon and they popped out SO easily. The Halloween mold was plastic and I ended up breaking it a little. It was very thin though.

-These will melt fast if your house is the least bit warm. I do not suggest leaving them in the bathroom. Mine are stored in my freezer.

Based on how easy this is I may just make these from now on instead of the bombs. It’s a cheaper option and my skin feels amazing!!



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