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Glov Makeup Remover!

I received this Glov Quick Treat makeup remover in a Glossybox MONTHS ago. I read the back,thought it was neat then tossed it in my desk. I thought for some reason that it was a one time use item…for some reason. I found it a few days ago and since I’m out of my makeup wipes I figured I’d give it a go. Ok..hello lifechanger!!


Yes…no cleanser needed….just use water. Is this possible?? I was doubtful indeed.


The one included in my Glossybox was small,made to cover my finger.


I was having serious doubts about using this to take off mascara and eyeliner. That always stains wash cloths but the instructions said just to wash it off and it was set. Let’s see! I have a full face of makeup to put it to the test!

It works surprisingly well. It doesn’t smear around the makeup which is what I thought was going to happen. It also feels super soft on my eyes.

Both eyes and my total face done with this little guy! It’s looking super gross though.

I added some foaming hand cleanser to it,rubbed and rinsed. Ta-dahhhh no stains! MAGICAL!!!!! Afterwards I hung it up to dry and today it is ready to use once again!


Seriously a brilliant creation. I haven’t used any of the other makeup removing towels on the market. I’ve always just used wipes so this is really rad to me! It’s so easy to throw this in my makeup kit too. This particular Glov Quick Treat retails for $5 and there is a larger hand version for $12.99 on Ulta’s website.

I’ll be throwing this in my overnight bag for sure!!!!

What’s your favorite way to take makeup off? Hits…misses? Let me know!




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