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“And I Won’t Fight In Vain I’ll Love You Just The Same…”

“And oh this too shall pass
This loneliness won’t last for long”


Boudoir photography is one of my favorite types to model for. It’s always been able to instill more confidence within me. For this particular shoot we are utilizing the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro NC. It is a beautiful hotel,perfect for such a shoot!

“So when you hear my voice
And when you say my name
May it never give you pain”

I love boudoir “costuming”. You can wear lingerie or corsets and lace. In the past year I started making my own lingerie to shoot in and added it into my existing clothing line. It has been a great experience!

For this shoot I’m using a corset and lace top and also one lingerie set I got off the clearance rack at Rue 21. I’ve used a ton from Rue 21 in modeling,their clearance racks are amazing! Clothes used for modeling never have to be expensive!


“‘Cause I don’t wanna go
But it’s time to leave
You’ll be on my mind, my destiny”


I had straightened my hair for the event but the photographer in charge wanted “sexy hair” so…next thing I knew my hair was big again! I can’t get away from it! I guess it’s just time to own it 🙂

“And I won’t fight in vain
I’ll love you just the same
I couldn’t know what’s in your mind…”


It’s always so hard to choose between color and black and white images! I can’t pick a favorite!


This was a really fun shoot! I had an absolute blast! All the photographers really worked their magic! As always I love the varied images that different minds and styles create when they come together.

“But I saw the pictures
You’re looking fine”


Lyrics taken from “Gale Song” by the Lumineers. I’ve been obsessed with their newest music!

Until next time….

Feeling sassy,





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