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“Shake Up Christmas”

“There was a story that I was told
And I want to tell the world before I get too old
And don’t remember it, so let’s December it
And reassemble it, oh yeah…”

It’s Christmas Eve….EVE! I don’t know about you but I’m super excited! It has me looking through older Christmas themed modeling photos and remembering good times from season’s past.

Dragon’s Lair Photography

I feel lucky to have been able to host a few of these Christmas shoots at Castle McCulloch. Those were always a blast! It’s a great space to have a shoot. You can do anything from lingerie and sexy implied to ugly sweaters!

I love shooting in the castle windows.

“Once upon a time in a town like this
A little girl made a great big wish
To fill the world full of happiness
And be on Santa’s magic list…”

Photography from Brent LaFever

Every gal likes to dress like a sexy Santa every once in a while! I like to dress like several versions. I was thrilled to be able to use my xtra-xtra long Santa hat for once!

“Shake it up, shake up the happiness
Wake it up, wake up the happiness
Come on all, it’s Christmas time…”

I both started and finished my shopping this week. Being out in the crowds was interesting this year. They really didn’t seem so bad! And the retail working were pretty jolly. I had fun!

Each year I participate in SantaCon. If you haven’t heard of this….lemme fill you in. It’s a huge organized Christmas themed bar crawl! Everyone dresses up,sings dirty carols,plays games and gives out treats to the random people we encounter. WE descend upon bars and bring cheer and happiness!

“‘Tis the season to smile
It’s cold but we’ll be freezing in style…”

“I know you’re out there,I hear your reindeer
I see the snow where your boots have been…”


“I’m gonna show them so they will know then
Then love will grow and
They believe again…”

I love Christmas themes obviously. I think I tried to fit them ALL in. Haha.

“Shake it up, shake up the happiness
Wake it up, wake up the happiness
Come on all, it’s Christmas time!”

I hope everyone is having the best season ever!! Loads of love to you all and I’ll see you all in the new year!

Happiest of holidays…

~Moonkitty ❀

Lyrics taken from “Shake Up Christmas” by Train



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