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Studio Modeling

When I first started modeling,around seven years ago, it was mostly at group meetups and with a few friends that were learning photography. I got added as a studio model around 6 months into showing up at random group meetups by The North Carolina Photography Group.

When I started attending  these studio based shoots I was mainly modeling with two other awesome gals, Tiffany and Morgan 🙂 We hit it off, right away,  and from that moment on had a blast at any shoot we were a part of!

Photography by Abhishek Joshi

They called us The NCPG Angels. Three ladies,three different personalities and styles and each with our own brand of crazy.

Torey Searcy Photography

These studio shoots were for learning photographers and others honing their skills. Photographers could come take different classes with various themes like lighting or posing techniques. We were used as the main models. The classes were held once or twice monthly. We also continued to have themed group meetups at various locations.

This is how the magic happens…..
Yep….. Photography by Abhishek Joshi

For these specific shoots we brought whatever we wanted to model. Later on we coordinated outfits more. I usually brought costumes,bad wigs….and my weirdo personality 🙂

Photography by William Wyrick

As with any group shoot or meetup you get photographers of all styles. It was always so much fun to see what everyone came up with. Everyone was at different levels ….everything from beginner to advanced.

Our studio space was very small. You got to know the photographers and any other models used quite quickly. You learn to work together,share the light and to coordinate wardrobe changes so that no time is lost. It’s good discipline!

Looking back over these photos is so much fun! My style has changed and changed and then changed again. I learned a lot during this time and hopefully I improved. I knew nothing about “modeling” when I started. Tiffany and Morgan were already pros though. Thank you both so much for being so welcoming to me!

Abhishek Joshi Photography

Sometimes photographers catch you at your absolute BEST 🙂

I am the best model!! Andrew Gentry Photography


Until next time….

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