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Strong Roots And Ever Changing Wings

Growing up and up and until recently I didn’t even realize how bad shit had hit the fan.
All of a sudden Barbies caused body image problems…horror movies caused murderers.
I’m 35. I collected barbies,I still have 100’s of them still in boxes. They are beautiful…and yes I longed for what they had….those crazy amazing dresses!! So I started designing them myself. It led to my love of the arts,a college education and a career. Did Barbie have bigger boobs than me? Maybe…I was a kid. I didn’t question her lack of job stability either. Was she skinnier than me? I recall she had a weird pelvis situation….

I also loved all things scary. I couldn’t sleep w/o a Michael Myers story and mom told me Jack The Ripper stories as fast as she could make them up. I’m pretty sure I was in love with Pinhead and Freddy (yes,I know…odd) So far…I haven’t been tempted to kill anyone.

What I’m finding is that I did indeed have something that is seemingly near extinct. A strong family base for roots. Through this I was taught that I was my own person,thought for myself and that I was responsible for MY OWN ACTIONS. Society,T.V.,friends and magazines were not scapegoats in our household. I was taught that everyone is different in their own ways and yet we are all the same and beautiful. No one told me “Blue is for boys” or “You can’t wear that,you’re a girl.” I also didn’t have anyone kissing my ass. Everything I did wasn’t perfect. That prepared me for the real world. So as I grew my wings,I grew them as I saw fit and changed them as needed.

I was encouraged to go out on my own and learn to support myself…that’s how I ultimately FOUND myself. It wasn’t sitting in some huge apartment mommy pays for,traveling to places only others want to go or my being pampered 24/7. I fought for this. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world. It’s my blood,sweat and tears. MINE ALONE.

You can be anything you want in this life. Choose to be an amazing person,accountable for your own actions, that tries everyday to see the best in themselves and others. And when doesn’t,works to correct it or to uplift and help. And then,PLEASE,pass that down to your children.

The world is severely lacking………….