My first venture into “cosplay” was Summer 2010.

I went to Summer Carnevale at Castle McCulloch as Lilah from Jonah Hex. I still really love this costume and I’ve put it through hell. It’s even been in the pool for a shoot 🙂 It still endures and it’s still around waiting for me to transform it yet again. I do have plans for it,like everything else laying around in that back room. But sometimes I think it may be better to start from scratch and just make it with a real corset and sturdier materials. We shall see.

Anyhow this is one of the better packaged costumes I bought before I made everything. I ordered it and the Lilah licensed wig from Buy ( I got everything from them back in the day). The boots were from ebay,I wanted exactly what she had in the movie bc I was in love with them! I made the hat myself. I also got these crazy blue costume lenses from online that made me look like an alien from some neon blue planet. Good times 🙂


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