My World Of Modeling

Hehe. I still love this photo.

I decided to get into the hobby of modeling maybe 6 years ago. I had a few friends who did it so…hey,why not?? A friend of mine was a photographer and she thought I’d be good at it so we did the thing. It was easy since she was my friend. On facebook she’s Keymoon Photography,look her up!

This is one of the first images from that day. We just went out and had fun and I loved it. That’s a real smile there,those were rare then. It was a self esteem boost. We even ended up going swimming that day. Days like that are magic. They find you coming back home to yourself. And that began my journey into modeling :Big hair,sunshine, a dress I paid too much for at Abercrombie some 3 years before,green green grass and a real good friend 🙂waterpic